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22:51 29-03-2017
Russian scientists created material ensuring 30 years of reactor’s operation
22:26 29-03-2017
Russia initiates criminal case over ex-lawmaker Voronenkov’s murder — media
22:01 29-03-2017
India's ONGC may join development of Dolginskoye oil field in Russia
21:37 29-03-2017
Gazprom offers its satellite systems at laying of Northern sea route
21:15 29-03-2017
Helicopters of Russia supply first multi-purpose helicopter to Kenya
20:21 29-03-2017
Large apartment complex to be erected in Voronezh for $17,5m
18:28 29-03-2017
Russia urges to consider Hyperloop project in Arctic transport development
17:32 29-03-2017
Russian Minister determines investment potential in Arctic energy sector
16:58 29-03-2017
London court hands down first decision on $3bn Ukraine’s debt to Russia
16:24 29-03-2017
Russia and Iran agree on cooperation in construction and housing
15:45 29-03-2017
Germans show interest in resort real estate of Crimea
15:02 29-03-2017
American architects propose skyscraper hanging suspended from asteroid
14:44 29-03-2017
Paris declines services of LafargeHolcim due to cement supplies for Trump Wall
13:52 29-03-2017
Gold deposits of 550 tons discovered in China
13:33 29-03-2017
Lukoil CEO discuss joint projects with Iranian Oil Minister
12:21 29-03-2017
First power unit of Iran's Bushehr NPP reaches its design capacity — Putin
11:49 29-03-2017
Bridge across Amur River spanning Russian and Chinese coasts to be erected in 2018
11:16 29-03-2017
High-capacity gold mining plant to be built in Uzbekistan
10:48 29-03-2017
Westinghouse energy company starts bankruptcy procedure
09:33 29-03-2017
Top official in Russian Culture Ministry detained by FSB in fraud case
21:03 28-03-2017
Putin and Rouhani consider supplies of SSJ100 to Iran
20:45 28-03-2017
Housing prices in USA grow faster than inflation and wages
19:44 28-03-2017
New shelter for homeless animals needs to be built in Perm
19:08 28-03-2017
Major broiler breeding facility to be erected in Moscow region
18:55 28-03-2017
Famous boxer to build large sports complex in Chelyabinsk
18:38 28-03-2017
Construction of high-tech shipyard starts in Russian city near Arctic Circle
17:39 28-03-2017
FSB conducts anti-terror training exercise on Kerch Bridge
16:23 28-03-2017
Chinese to build smart greenhouses in Russian city of Ulan-Ude
15:30 28-03-2017
South Korea stops NPP reactor due to risk of nuclear seepage
14:02 28-03-2017
Hotel market boom expected in Moscow by 2018 World Cup
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Is the theft at “Zenit Arena” directly connected with officials working for Matvienko’s administration?

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Is the theft at “Zenit Arena” directly connected with officials working for Matvienko’s administration?

Who is responsible for the financial theft at the construction site of the stadium on Krestovsky Island?  

The Deputy of the Saint-Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Boris Vishnevsky, blames officials in Matvienko’s administration for financial impropriety at the “Zenit Arena” stadium construction site. He is sure that at least 7 bln roubles (over $110m) of the 14 bln roubles (over $220m) allocated for the implementation of the project were stolen.


The sensational arrest of the former Vice-Governor of Saint-Petersburg, Marat Oganesyan, blamed for the theft of about 50m roubles (about $800,000) in 2014 while concluding a agreement on the video-tableau delivery for the “Zenit Arena” stadium on Krestovsky Island, caused controversy in the expert community and among the authorities’ representatives in Saint Petersburg.  

For example, the current Vice-Governor of Saint-Petersburg, Igor Albin, in a Twitter post, though reminding us of the presumption of innocence, appeals to the moral component of the issue. He writes in particular about the loss of the notions of shame and sin, and convinces his readers that despite everything the construction budget for the stadium will remain unchanged as everything has already been bought.  

We recently wrote about the problems of the construction site.  

Boris Vishnevsky then assured us that the latest tender for the stadium’s construction was a show, and the winner had been decided beforehand. We tried to phone the Deputy for a comment on the latest events, but did not manage to do so.  

But on his FB page Boris Vishnevsky asserts that in February, 2013, he presented the report from the Audit Chamber, according to which 7 bln roubles had been stolen.  

Vishnevsky remarks that the theft had been discovered long before Oganesyan was assigned the post of Vice-Governor, but the materials presented by him did not interest law enforcers at that time.

The Deputy is sure that the large-scale theft of the “Zenit Arena” construction finance is directly connected with officials in Valentina Matvienko’s administration.

“They all have moved to higher posts on a federal level, and the law cannot reach them”, the deputy writes. “Oganesyan’s arrest is only an attempt to chalk somebody’s crimes up to the first available person”.

The deputy stresses that the court will make a decision on Oganesian’s guilt. Vishnevsky is also going to address the RF Investigation Committee for measures to be taken against the theft of billions of budget roubles.




While passions run high in Saint Petersburg, the reconstruction of Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow is being completed. According to Ilghiz Khairutdinov, Deputy Director General of the “Luzhniki” Grand Sports Arena, finishing work is being fulfilled and 6,000 chairs have been mounted. The main volume of work on the stadium’s reconstruction is planned to be fulfilled by the end of the year. 

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