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16:23 26-06-2017
Mongolia to join construction of Asian Super Grid
16:04 26-06-2017
$50-million stock breeding complex to be built in Russian Far East
15:40 26-06-2017
Fast neuron reactors help to make atom “green” – Rosatom’s head
15:07 26-06-2017
New bridge across Ob River in Siberia to be funded from federal budget
14:45 26-06-2017
Austrian Strabag to build musical road in Hungary
14:09 26-06-2017
Company with Turkish capital to build first phase of Saratov airport
12:55 26-06-2017
Ismailov’s mall in Las Vegas seized for debts to Bank of Moscow
12:19 26-06-2017
Jewish community gets historic synagogue in Simferopol
11:49 26-06-2017
Sales of new buildings in USA grew by 3%
11:22 26-06-2017
Georgia completes construction of its largest nuclear power plant
10:39 26-06-2017
Using Nord Stream 2, Russia takes revenge on Ukraine - Poroshenko
09:50 26-06-2017
Russian billionaire’s company buys British Holland & Barrett
16:56 23-06-2017
Cabinet of Ministers allotted land plot for construction runway-3 in Sheremetievo
16:31 23-06-2017
KamAZ to invest €50m in production in Senegal
14:46 23-06-2017
Lukoil won a tender on supply of 2,700 tons of oil to Severstal enterprises
14:17 23-06-2017
President Putin to control pipeline mating at the Turkish Stream construction
13:37 23-06-2017
Reconstruction of Moscow conservatoire to be completed
13:26 23-06-2017
Thrill rides to be built in Moscow Luzhniki
12:54 23-06-2017
Unique green roofing to be built in Moscow during renovation
12:32 23-06-2017
The Chinese participating in Moscow Metro construction
11:16 23-06-2017
Grand fraud discovered at a business centre construction site in Krasnoyarsk
18:02 22-06-2017
Rostec to restore enterprise producing acoustic equipment
17:50 22-06-2017
Seven plants to open in Dubna special economic zone
17:35 22-06-2017
Putin heads for Anapa to control Turkish Stream pipeline link-up
17:12 22-06-2017
Heineken sells its brew-house in Belarus
16:53 22-06-2017
Tesla signs preliminary agreement on plant building in China
16:35 22-06-2017
Industrial warehouse in northern Moscow put on auction for $751,000
16:02 22-06-2017
China suggests project for Changchun – Vladivostok high-speed railway
15:33 22-06-2017
Europe’s gas demand exceeds Nord Stream 2 capacity, Wintershall says
14:56 22-06-2017
Poland to demolish 500 monuments to Soviet soldiers
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Will BIM technologies stop theft in the process of price formation in construction?

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Will BIM technologies stop theft in the process of price formation in construction?

Building Information Modelling (BIM technologies) is presently implemented in many countries on a large scale. It cannot exist without the system of project cost management (i.e., expenses control) and adaptive financial calculation.

BIM is not a 3D-picture of a project. The main task at the stage of the project cost management (which is produced at 5D level) is to obtain valid evaluation of expenses, including operational ones. If the evaluation is based on invalid state norms and regulations, it will be unreliable. 

Anyway, these technologies are the thing of the future, and we shall make the basis for their use. However, formats, algorithms, protocols and the standards of the main modeling processes and interaction of all the participants of the investment-construction process via BIM, and the development of the general culture of informational modelling, should be implemented right now!

To say nothing about the necessity of a competent, well-designed and systematically put in practice state policy concerning this sphere.

Is it possible to evaluate the estimated cost of a specific object with the help of BIM-technologies in Russia? Yes, there are such systems on the Russian market. Formerly, the 3D-design systems and estimated cost calculation software were developed separately, but presently they may be united in a BIM-system.

To put it simpler, the digital informational description of each constructive element should be translated into the volume of work, and the latter should be related to estimate standard prices in an automatic mode.

Presently, it is possible to produce so-called bills of volumes with the help of any 3D design program, but the problem is in carrying out the cost evaluation. Prices for construction resources (materials, products and structures, equipment operation cost, labour expenses, etc.) change depending on many parameters and conditions, although the work volume parameter generally stays unchanged. 

Will BIM put a strong barrier in the way of overestimation in the process of price and construction estimated cost formation? Experts think that BIM excludes the human factor and does not make it possible to introduce overweighted data in the estimated cost.  Because BIM is based on the openness and transparency of all data, and it is therefore impossible to falsify the work volume or add unnecessary work.

This is so, but it refers to the physical component, meaning the list and the volume of work. As far as its cost is concerned, we can see the imperfection and uncertainty of prices in construction resources.  However, in the course of the price formation system’s restructuring BIM’s advantages will become evident.

The use of BIM technologies will result in redistribution and the appearance of new labour functions which will demand that a price formation expert should acquire new knowledge and skills. Having said this, the profession of an estimator-engineer will not disappear but will, rather, become highly demanded on the market.

BIM is only a new tool for a competent specialist, and is a competitive advantage. Estimator-engineers, in this sense, do not differ from project engineers, and the introduction of computer-aided designing has not led to any decline of the profession. It is a natural process of the production means development.

Pavel GORIACHKIN, Union of estmators-engineers.

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