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23:56 15-06-2018
Having agreed with North Korea, Trump did favor to Russian Gazprom
23:19 15-06-2018
Spanish bank sells out property for less than €75,000
22:47 15-06-2018
Elon Musk to build fastest train system in Chicago. Can everyone afford it?
22:24 15-06-2018
“One-day route” map developed in Russia for 2018 World Cup guests
21:52 15-06-2018
Immigrant reception center needs to be built for $1,9m
21:33 15-06-2018
Cultural and sports center shaped like “super-box” built in Moscow
21:06 15-06-2018
Two skyscrapers to be erected in northern Moscow
23:45 14-06-2018
Turkish media: Russia expands geography of its nuclear energy projects
22:25 14-06-2018
20 metro stations to be built in new Moscow
21:56 14-06-2018
Swedish court sides with Gazprom in its dispute with Naftogaz
21:28 14-06-2018
Moscow authorities to sell their offices after moving to Oko skyscraper
20:47 14-06-2018
Naftogaz: Construction of Nord Stream 2 violates EU legislation
20:18 14-06-2018
IKEA opens up to seven new format shops in Russia
19:46 14-06-2018
European banks offer cheap mortgage for energy-efficient housing
23:55 13-06-2018
Greek government introduces new property tax rates
23:32 13-06-2018
China sees prospects in building railways with Russia — media
23:01 13-06-2018
Price per square meter in Moscow City skyscrapers drops by 13%
22:35 13-06-2018
Project without Russia: Turkey built new gas pipeline TANAP
21:54 13-06-2018
Nine Italians involved in Roma stadium construction arrested for corruption
21:21 13-06-2018
Ukrainian official says Nord Stream 2 threatens European civilization
20:46 13-06-2018
Crimean Bridge hits records — 70,000 cars over weekend
23:45 09-06-2018
Two new residential areas to be created in Frankfurt
23:21 09-06-2018
Mirziyoyev to talk with Putin on NPP construction in Uzbekistan
22:37 09-06-2018
Large heated football field to be built in Moscow
22:01 09-06-2018
Rosatom nuclear company sidesteps its US rival Westinghouse in China
23:29 08-06-2018
Real estate in Vancouver becomes more affordable
22:45 08-06-2018
Countries with most rapid rise in housing prices are named
22:10 08-06-2018
How do Russian airports rank internationally?
21:44 08-06-2018
Interest of foreign buyers to housing in Italy jumped
21:16 08-06-2018
President of Ukraine intends to stop Nord Stream 2
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Peculiarities of new “Investments in Housing” section on website of Russian Construction Ministry

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Peculiarities of new “Investments in Housing” section on website of Russian Construction Ministry

A new section devoted to investments in the housing and utility sector has been introduced on the official website of the Construction Ministry of Russia.

Information on the law regulating investors’ activity in the industry and on the advantages of such funds allocation is published there, the Ministry’s press office told Construction.RU.

The new section offers to potential investors the information on prospects of business development in the housing and utility sector in Russia. Whereas, for municipalities, which are owners of most communal facilities, the data on tender rules, standard documentation and a financial model are published. What is most important, the section contains detailed information on how concession will help cities and villages of the country to upgrade housing and utilities’ facilities.

We should remind you that by 2015 year end there was a tenfold increase of investment commitments, compared to the previous period.

In particular, 271 concession agreements have been concluded in amount of 70,9 bln roubles compared to the 112 concessions worth 7,2 bln roubles a year ago.

As on the first quarter, 736 concessions worth 136,6 bln roubles are being realized within the housing and utilities system. The Ministry’s openness and consistent support of all parties interested in development of public / private partnership has become the drivers of the growth. Establishment of the platform, accumulating all data on concessions in public services is another important step in the housing and utility sector modernization at the expense of private investments”, - said the Deputy Head of the Ministry, Andrey Chibis.

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