Finnish business has invested in Russian favorite

Finnish business has invested in Russian favorite
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Moscow, the Embassy of Finland. Our correspondent Alexey Nevsky. On May 27th the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce held the business forum "Finnish Construction in Moscow", in which representatives of the construction business from Russia and Finland participated.

Opening the forum, the minister/adviser and chief of trade in the economic department of the Embassy of Finland in Russia, Marjo Maki-Leppilampi, addressed the participants. She emphasized that since 1991 Finnish business has invested about 14 billion euros in Russia. This is a record among the countries investing in the economy of Russia. Furthermore, the sales director of the FORMICA Company in Russia and the CIS, Alexander Tsvetov, presented this firm to the audience.
The company, which is successfully operating on the Russian market, is engaged in the production and supply of facing materials for commercial and household application. Since 1913, it has operated plants in various countries. The CEO, Yukhani Raytinpyaya, and his deputy, Fedor Uspensky, talked about the production of the LUMON Company. This concern specializes in the production of glazing of facades.
The RUUKKI Company in Russia was presented by Andrey Tolmanov – the sales director of original production - and Irina Goryunova, the key client specialist. A summary of their performance: the Finnish concern works successfully in the Russian Federation despite everything. Brief information on the companies: from the ALUPRO company – CEO Alexander Kolesnikov, from CAVERION – CEO Vyacheslav Karpovich, from YIT – senior vice-president for the development of housing construction in Russia, Uuskoski's Jukka-Pekka.
In his concluding remarks, the speaker of the forum, the director of international projects of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Evgeny Korobkin, focused attention on some data. In particular he reported that 75% of all Finnish investments in Russia, i.e. more than 9 billion euros, are from the power holding FORTUM, and in general Finnish business actively invests in Russian trade, power, construction, consulting, logistics and production. Of 99 foreign investors in the Moscow region, 18 are Finnish.