Russia will strengthen the border with Ukraine in Crimea

Russia will strengthen the border with Ukraine in Crimea
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The Crimean Government has adopted a cadaster scheme for two land lots for the construction and maintenance of engineering/technical objects at the border between Russia and Ukraine in the Crimea.

As the republican press office told, the lots are outside Boloshino village in the territory of Armyansk. The area of the lots is 23,166 m2 and 900 m2. They will be used for the defence and protection of the state border of the Russian Federation.
They will be provided for permanent (indefinite) use to the Crimean Border Department of the Russian Federal Security Service.
Besides this, the Crimean Ministers’ Council provided 201,435 m2 of land to the Directorate for permanent use for the construction and operation of Russian boundary objects. Armyansk checkpoints for automobiles will be located there.
A lot of 30,431 m2 has also been allocated for the ‘Djankoy’ temporary multilateral checkpoint for automobiles.