The Moscow metro will change its design

The Moscow metro will change its design
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In the Russian capital’s metro system, a large-scale design renovation project will be carried out.

As has been known to from the technical documentation of the “Moscow metro system” state enterprise, the ticket kiosks will have special tickets. Information brochure stands will appear in the entrance halls and ticket offices.

On the tickets, where an executive’s name is mentioned, there will be ‘have a good trip’ wishes.  The emergency call stands will change color to red-grey and the symbol of Moscow transport system will be placed upon them.

The terminals for payment of fares will be able to accept bank cards. By autumn, new metro maps in Russian, English, French, Spanish, Arabian and Chinese will have been developed.

Up to 14.3m roubles are to be spent on these works, which are due to be finished by July 2016.