Israel builds Nanoscience Centre without doors or windows

Israel builds Nanoscience Centre without doors or windows
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French architect Michel Remon has won the Open International Competition to build a 6,000 square meter structure for 12 research laboratories at the Tel Aviv University of Nanoscience and the Nanotechnology Centre in Israel, Archdaily reports.

Engineering and molecular electronics laboratories, offices and public areas will be located in the building. According to the plan, 120 scientists and engineers will work in this well-known Israeli university's facility.

The contest winner, Michel Remon, is a representative of the French company Atelier d’Architecture, which has already executed orders to construct buildings for technological purposes.

Such structures have their peculiarities: laboratories consume much more water and energy than a typical house does. The 3-story building's vertical panels will regulate natural light and special glass will optimize the sun’s energy.

The Nanoscience Center will not have windows or doors and will be formed by undulations on the surface.