American toys to appear in Moscow’s “Island of Dreams”

American toys to appear in Moscow’s “Island of Dreams”
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The “Regions” development group, which belongs to the Mutsoev family and is building an entertainment park in Moscow, concluded a partnership agreement with the Belgian IMPS animation studio and American Viacom.

According to the Kommersant newspaper, the deal will allow the owner of the projected 50 bln rouble park, named the “Island of Dreams”, to exploit such brands as Smurfs and Ninja Turtles.

It should be remembered that the opening of the new game zones in Nagatinsky Zaton, as well as the whole park, with an area of about 264,000 m2, is scheduled for 2018.

An entertainment zone, a mall and a hotel area are planned to be located there. The land plot will be provided to the developer, provided that 70% of the park’s territory will be rendered suitable for a landscape garden and the Moscow River embankment is improved.