Program of building demolition in Moscow 93.1%complete

Program of building demolition in Moscow 93.1%complete
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As of the 16th of May, 99% of targeted houses have been dismantled in the central administrative district of the Russian capital, 96% in the eastern administrative district, 93% in the south-western administrative district, 91% in the north-west of Moscow, 90% in the north-east and 82% in the western administrative district.

This is what the press office of the Urban Construction Policy Department of Moscow told on Monday.

A total number of 115 buildings are left to be demolished, with a total area of 440,600 m2. The program of 5-storey housing demolition has been completed in Zelenograd, Central and the southern district of Moscow.

On the sites of the dismantled buildings, new modern housing, schools and hospitals are being erected.