3M Russia: 25 years of investment in science

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3M Russia: 25 years of investment in science
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On Tuesday, an event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the 3M company’s operation on the Russian market was held in Moscow.

Investment in Russian research and development, import substitution, and the introduction of cost-saving decisions were discussed there, the company’s press office told Construction.ru.

Over the period of its work in Russia, the company has opened two industrial complexes, in Volokolamsk and Yelaburg, and 3 certified scientific and research labs.

At present, a further increase of industrial capacities and expansion of localized production is envisaged.

Speaking at the event, 3M’s Russian director general, Robert Nichols, talked about the latest scientific research results of the company, contributing to production localization and cost-saving decisions aimed at infrastructure modernization.

R&D director Sergei Dmitruk presented examples of equipment and showed how to assess the quality of different industrial products and materials.