Coca Cola workshops to be reconstructed in Moscow

Coca Cola workshops to be reconstructed in Moscow
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The regional authorities have approved the reconstruction project for manufacturing workshops of “Coca Cola HBC Eurasia” LLC, located in the western part of Moscow, said the president of the Moscow Committee for Construction Investment Projects and Co-Funding Construction Control, Konstantin Timofeev.

“The project of urban construction plan for the land plot, situated on Novoorlovskaya Street has been approved with the purpose of the food production development. The land plot under consideration is located on the territory of the “Solntsevo” communal zone. At present, a facility producing Coca Cola non-alcoholic drinks is located there”, - said Mr Timofeev.

He pointed out that the area of existing bulks amounts to 54,100 sq.m.

“Over the course of reconstruction the total built-up area will be expanded up to 76,600 sq.m.”, - added Mr Timofeev.