Huge clock to be installed in Moscow City

Huge clock to be installed in Moscow City
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In the “Moscow City” business center, on the dome of the concert hall, a gigantic clock will be installed. It may break the world record registered in Guiness Book of Records.

Construction.RU has been told about it today by the press office of the Moscow City Architecture Committee. The Committee has adopted the modified design of the hall facades. Now it will resemble a pique box with a clock.

The building itself will resemble a gigantic clock face with a luminant hand pointing time. The atrium of the main entrance will look as a clock mechanism, escalators resembling springs. The image of a pique box will be created with the help of steel panels titan gilded and silk screen printing on the glass.

The huge clock will be seen from all office towers of the Moscow City and from the pedestrian level. The concert hall designer is “Gorproject” LLC.

To remind you, the present record clock registered in the Guiness Book is 43 m in diameter, and is situated on a sky-scraper in Mecca