Figured stones from China to be installed in Moscow Park Huaming

Figured stones from China to be installed in Moscow Park Huaming
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Traditional Chinese tile and special figured stones will be installed at Park Huaming in Moscow, the City Architecture Committee said on Monday.

“The complex will house hotels, an aparthotel, fitness center with a swimming pool and a spa, as well as office space. However, the main event for the city will be, of course, a park with traditional gazebos and outdoor galleries”, the Committee’s report reads.

A special ornament of the park will be the figured Taihu and Lingbi stones, which are for the first time delivered to Russia from deposits in the provinces of Anhui and Shandong. Their volume will amount to 200 tons. In addition, about 1,920 tons of decorative stone brought from the Caucasus will be used in the park development as well. Stones from China will arrive approximately in a month, while tiles and decorative stones from the Caucasus are already being installed.

The total area of a pond together with streams and a decorative waterfall amounts to 1,085 square meters. As for the green spaces in the park, there will be plants traditionally growing in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as in the eastern regions of Russia. In total, 430 trees and 1,690 shrubs are planned to be planted there.