Leading experts in construction science to attend international event in Moscow

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Leading experts in construction science to attend international event in Moscow
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The international scientific conference titled Integration, Partnership and Innovation in Construction Science and Education will be held at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering on November 14-16.

Dozens of scientists from Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, China, USA and other countries are expected to take part in the event, the press service of Moscow urban planning policy department said.

“Theorists and practitioners from around the world will try to assess the current level of development of the construction science, the use of modern technologies in construction and the potential of innovative developments. In addition, the experts will discuss the prospects for expanding international cooperation and improving the ways of exchanging scientific information”, Sergei Lyovkin, the head of the body, was quoted as saying.

According to him, leading scientists and specialists of the construction industry, heads of research centers and scientific schools, heads of scientific laboratories, as well as representatives of construction companies implementing the most promising pilot projects will arrive in the capital city of Russia.

“A number of seminars will be held during the conference, in particular, issues of energy efficiency of apartment buildings, technological engineering, energy and hydraulic engineering construction will be discussed there”, he noted.

According to him, a program for housing stock renovation in Moscow implemented by the city authorities will give builders an opportunity to introduce the most advanced technological developments. In particular, a “smart standard” has been elaborated for houses that are planned to be built as part of the renovation program.