Seoul Mayor ready to share technologies with Russia

Seoul Mayor ready to share technologies with Russia
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The Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, said in an interview to TASS news agency about prospects of economic cooperation between the capital city of South Korea and Russia.

Park Won-soon called on to unite infrastructure of Seoul and Russian scientific potential to establish a mutually beneficial model of economic cooperation.

“Russia is known by its achievements in fundamental science and related technologies, as well as by its huge energy resources. South Korea is also one of the world leaders in the field of technologies. Since 60 universities and 28% of all scientific laboratories are concentrated in Seoul, researches, development and implementation might be carried out within the city,” Park Won-soon said.

Seoul Mayor said that given a crucial role of Russia in the region, the country could be considered as a major economic hub of Eastern Europe.

Park Won-soon also said that he had come up with a new plan not long ago, which provides for construction of the Trans-Korean railway mainline and its connection with Russian Trans-Siberian Railway.