Anniversary of an outstanding architect

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It is the 125-th anniversary of the birth of Konstantin Melnikov, a great Russian architect of the 20th century, and a Russian avant-gardist and a constructivism classicist.

Melnikov’s week is announced in the Museum of architecture named after Shchusev in Moscow. Lectures, photo competitions, film demonstrations and excursions are planned. In 1919 Konstantin Melnikov rejected squares and started to use only triangles, trapezoids, polyhedrons, cylinders and chamomiles. 13 buildings in Moscow are known to have been designed by Konstantin Melnikov. They are not all used according to their designed purpose.
The architect’s thought was well ahead of its time and too challenging for society. He managed to implement the concept of space transformation only in his own house, which became a world famous masterpiece of Russian avant-garde.