What do colors of KÄRCHER equipment mean?

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What do colors of KÄRCHER equipment mean?
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Stuttgart. Our special correspondent Alexey Nevsky. On July 12, the second day of a press tour organized for Russian journalists by KÄRCHER, the agenda was no less packed than that on the first day.

The journalists have familiarized themselves with a logistics center and plant for municipal equipment assembly, which are located in the town of Obersontheim, an hour’s drive from the company’s headquarters. The plant employs 1,000 people and local residents view it as a pivotal enterprise, with family dynasties working there for decades.

Investments in the establishment of the logistics center amounted to 31 million euro. The center itself performs functions of collecting and processing orders from KÄRCHER customers for spare parts and accessories. It is noteworthy that a request formation time does not exceed 24 hours.

Then the guests visited a metal production facility for high-pressure cleaners, familiarizing themselves with a process of the municipal equipment assembly.

In both places, the company’s employees devote a special attention to the quality of products. Therefore, it was the process of testing at high-pressure units with the use of hot water that was of particular interest to the Russian journalists.

The guests were also invited to visit a mini range for testing an equipment intended for cleaning streets, located in a room without windows, next to an assembly hall. The matter is that all municipal equipment is diesel, and, when tested, its exhaust gases are immediately removed from the premises. At the same time, the roof allows to protect machines from pollution in any weather conditions. All this is needed because a client should get new, tested and clean products.


In 2013, KÄRCHER has taken a final decision to separate the manufacture into two areas – professional and household appliances. Therefore, the first one is available today in yellow color and the second one is in dark gray.

However, given that the company’s products operate for many years, it is still common to encounter a professional equipment painted in old yellow-gray colors. Anyway, at the wish of a client, municipal equipment may be made in any color.