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09:56 26-05-2017
First Russian Mercedes to be released in 2019
18:00 25-05-2017
Three embankments in Moscow to be improved for $18 million
17:37 25-05-2017
$221m Bridgestone tire plant opens in Russian city of Ulyanovsk
17:20 25-05-2017
Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay intend to buy Russian helicopters
16:54 25-05-2017
Unique technology to be applied in road construction in Russia
16:41 25-05-2017
New railway to be constructed in Kabardino-Balkar Republic
16:17 25-05-2017
Iran built its third underground plant for missiles production
15:58 25-05-2017
Georgians design new sections of road to Russia
15:40 25-05-2017
$248m waste recycling technology park to be built in Leningrad region
15:23 25-05-2017
Russia, Kazakhstan negotiate oil transit to Uzbekistan
15:04 25-05-2017
Russia’s FSB detain terrorists preparing attacks in Moscow transport
14:47 25-05-2017
Moscow to take part in metro construction in Serbia
12:56 25-05-2017
Mansion of England footballer Jamie Vardy on market for $1.6m
12:41 25-05-2017
Penthouse of composer Irving Berlin in New York on sale for $8m
12:25 25-05-2017
Joint Russian-Italian enterprise producing cheese to be set up in Kalmykia
11:57 25-05-2017
Most powerful photovoltaic solar power station to be built in Volgograd
11:26 25-05-2017
Sales volume of secondary housing in USA drops after 10-year high
11:06 25-05-2017
US Senator calls on to stand out against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project
10:34 25-05-2017
Venezuela's Parliament urges USA to oppose deal of Rosneft and PDVSA
10:14 25-05-2017
Plant producing mélange for export to be erected in Kaliningrad region
09:53 25-05-2017
Russians create 15-seat ground effect vehicles for foreign customers
17:54 24-05-2017
Chinese Hilong oilfield services group opens factory in Russian city
17:34 24-05-2017
Bike parking closed in Brussels before Trump’s visit
17:23 24-05-2017
Gorgeous park to be built on river bank in Moscow region
17:10 24-05-2017
Rio de Janeiro Mayor offers to open Moscow stadium with Brazilian club’s game
16:54 24-05-2017
Flax processing plant put in operation in Vologda
16:38 24-05-2017
President of Lithuania calls on to fight against Gazprom’s monopoly
16:15 24-05-2017
Kremlin comments on possible military alliance of Russia, China and Philippines
15:57 24-05-2017
Construction of new beach resort starts in Ras al-Khaimah
15:44 24-05-2017
Siberian region asks for funding to build uranium mine
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Will the President be heard by officials and constructors?

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Will the President be heard by officials and constructors?

Officials of all ranks poured their dreams onto the President

The meeting dedicated to the plans and schedules of the Universiade–2019’s objects was very much anticipated by the Krasnoyarsk officials, because President Putin came to take part in it. 

However, the Head of State did not manage to see all the Universiade’s objects except for Biathlon Academy, because it was snowing heavily all day long.

At the beginning of the meeting Putin paid an unexpected compliment to Krasnoyarsk, calling the city the most economically developed in Siberia. It might be so, but the President seems not to have noticed the black smog hanging over the city – the title of its being the most economically developed city has a high price.

The first issue discussed at the meeting was the construction of sports objects. The President remarked that “the city must change for the Universiade!” Putin then criticised this state of affairs and stressed that 12 of 34 objects are lagging behind schedule. 

Vice-Premier Vitaly Mutko was not at a loss when he explained immediately that “large invisible work was being carried out” – meaning project designing. He assured the President that there is no risk of the construction breakdown: all objects were equipped with cameras and they may be supervised on-line.

Mutko thinks the “compactness” of the Krasnoyarsk Universiade to be its advantage: it will take about 40 minutes to get from the objects of the Federal Siberian University where the “athletes’ village” is being built to the right bank of the Yenisey along the new 4th bridge across the river.

Krasnoyarsk Governor, Victor Tolokonskiy, hurried to assure the President that “the region is on the edge of development” and promised to start the reconstruction of the Leninsky Komsomol stadium on Otdykh island in the middle of the Yenisey. Additionally, according to the Governor, a new building at the emergency hospital will be put in operation this year.

Will the President be heard by officials and constructors?

At the end of his speech the Governor announced that money will be allotted for libraries, culture objects, ecology programs by the Universiade, and a park will appear in the centre of the city in which the winners of the Universiade will receive their awards.  It should be noted that Krasnoyarsk citizens have never heard of a park in the densely built-up centre of the city. 

Putin asked the Minister of Transport of the RF, Maxim Sokolov, why the issue concerning the high-speed railway construction from the airport to the city had not been studied. The minister complained of the insufficient financing of the Universiade. The President frowned and gave Sochi and Vladivostok as examples, and then reminded everybody that Krasnoyarsk is a a city with a population of a million in the centre of the country.

“If there is infrastructure there are people”, Putin concluded and charged the authorities with developing a project.

However, it can be said that its implementation is unrealistic by 2019 and that surveys and designing will take 1.5 – 2 years alone. Besides, it will demand as much financing as the Universiade itself.

Well, we shall see if the officials have heard the President’s words.



Main objects of the Universiade-2019


“Bobrovy log” year-round sports and entertainment fan-park

Reconstruction. Mountain skiing competitions will be held there.

Will the President be heard by officials and constructors?

“Platinum Arena Krasnoyarsk” sports complex

Construction started. Figure skating competitions, opening and closing ceremonies are to take place there. 7,000 spectators, putting in operation — 2018.


“Winter Sports Academy” sports and training complex

Reconstruction. Free style competitions, snowboarding, ski racing and sports orienteering are planned there, putting in operation — 2018.

Will the President be heard by officials and constructors?

Ice rink

Construction has just started. 3,500 spectators. Hockey matches to be held. Putting in operation — 2018.


“Biathlon Academy” multifunctional complex

Reconstruction. Biathlon competitions to be held. Putting in operation — 2018.


“Arena Sever” multifunctional complex  

Major structural repairs are planned. 3,000 spectators. Short-track competitions will be held.

Will the President be heard by officials and constructors?

Leninsky Komsomol stadium

Reconstruction. The largest sports complex of Siberia and the Far East. Capacity — 15,000 spectators. Putting in operation — 2018.


Palace of Sports named after Ivan Yarygin

Reconstruction. Curling competitions are planned. Putting in operation — 2018.


“Rassvet” ice rink

Major structural repairs Putting in operation — 2018.


“Pervomaisky” skating rink

Repair. Hockey competitions are planned.


“Yenisey” stadium

Reconstruction. The stadium will be roofed. Russian hockey matches will take place there. Putting in operation — 2018.


In addition, a number of social and infrastructural objects will be constructed, and two hospitals will be reconstructed, by 2018. 


Prepared by Andrei GRIGORIEV

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