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16:23 26-06-2017
Mongolia to join construction of Asian Super Grid
16:04 26-06-2017
$50-million stock breeding complex to be built in Russian Far East
15:40 26-06-2017
Fast neuron reactors help to make atom “green” – Rosatom’s head
15:07 26-06-2017
New bridge across Ob River in Siberia to be funded from federal budget
14:45 26-06-2017
Austrian Strabag to build musical road in Hungary
14:09 26-06-2017
Company with Turkish capital to build first phase of Saratov airport
12:55 26-06-2017
Ismailov’s mall in Las Vegas seized for debts to Bank of Moscow
12:19 26-06-2017
Jewish community gets historic synagogue in Simferopol
11:49 26-06-2017
Sales of new buildings in USA grew by 3%
11:22 26-06-2017
Georgia completes construction of its largest nuclear power plant
10:39 26-06-2017
Using Nord Stream 2, Russia takes revenge on Ukraine - Poroshenko
09:50 26-06-2017
Russian billionaire’s company buys British Holland & Barrett
16:56 23-06-2017
Cabinet of Ministers allotted land plot for construction runway-3 in Sheremetievo
16:31 23-06-2017
KamAZ to invest €50m in production in Senegal
14:46 23-06-2017
Lukoil won a tender on supply of 2,700 tons of oil to Severstal enterprises
14:17 23-06-2017
President Putin to control pipeline mating at the Turkish Stream construction
13:37 23-06-2017
Reconstruction of Moscow conservatoire to be completed
13:26 23-06-2017
Thrill rides to be built in Moscow Luzhniki
12:54 23-06-2017
Unique green roofing to be built in Moscow during renovation
12:32 23-06-2017
The Chinese participating in Moscow Metro construction
11:16 23-06-2017
Grand fraud discovered at a business centre construction site in Krasnoyarsk
18:02 22-06-2017
Rostec to restore enterprise producing acoustic equipment
17:50 22-06-2017
Seven plants to open in Dubna special economic zone
17:35 22-06-2017
Putin heads for Anapa to control Turkish Stream pipeline link-up
17:12 22-06-2017
Heineken sells its brew-house in Belarus
16:53 22-06-2017
Tesla signs preliminary agreement on plant building in China
16:35 22-06-2017
Industrial warehouse in northern Moscow put on auction for $751,000
16:02 22-06-2017
China suggests project for Changchun – Vladivostok high-speed railway
15:33 22-06-2017
Europe’s gas demand exceeds Nord Stream 2 capacity, Wintershall says
14:56 22-06-2017
Poland to demolish 500 monuments to Soviet soldiers
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«    June 2017    »

Moscow’s apartments set records, Sberbank lends mortgage loans for buying them

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Moscow’s apartments set records, Sberbank lends mortgage loans for buying them

What dynamics did the apartment market demonstrate in 2016 and what are the segment’s prospects this year?

Moscow’s apartments market is actively developing. In the 4th quarter of 2016, the demand grew by more than 37.5%, having shown unprecedented results in the whole history of the market


In the 4th quarter of 2016, four new compounds entered the Moscow market, but the total amount of apartments (632) in them is not big. Only 366 of them were put on sale, which is much lower than the results of the previous quarter, according to the NAI Becar’s http://naibecar.com/ investment and asset managers. Meanwhile, the new offer’s entrance to the market made it possible to increase the annual volume of housing commissioning by more than 30%. Thus, more than 1 000 apartments were brought to the market in 2016.

By the end of December apartments in 106 compounds were offered on the market, with 9 092 apartments put on sale. The offer volume grew by almost 4% during the year.


Objects put on sale in the 4th quarter of 2016

Company name



Year of commissioning


Total/ on sale




Elite (premium)














Biplan М













2 quart.






Source: NAI Becar


Business-class apartments are traditionally the leader of the market (70%). The majority of apartments are for personal living. Investment programs are present only in 13% of the compounds.


By the end of the year the demand for apartments had grown by an unprecedented 37.5%. According to analysts, it is the highest such demand in the history of the market (550 apartments). The average monthly rate of sales in business-class objects is 7 apartments, while it is 5 apartments in comfort-class compounds and 3 apartments in elite houses with apartments.

It is not surprising that the boost in purchasers’ activity and the simultaneous rather modest commissioning of new objects resulted in this increase of the process for apartments in all market segments. Nevertheless, developers and brokers offered rather high New Year discounts of up to 20%. Experts think it is connected with developers’ desire to raise the rate of sales and getting the guaranteed income before withdrawing from such projects.

On the whole, the most steady prices on the market for the last two years were observed in the sector of comfort-class apartments. They remained at a level of 150,000 roubles ($2,597) for a square meter. The price for business-class apartments fell a little. Prices for elite-compounds’ apartments had reached the level of 2014 by the end of 2016.

In absolute figures, the prices for comfort-class apartments were 148,000 roubles ($2,563)/sq. m, having increased by 9.4% when compared with the third quarter, 226,200 roubles ($3,917)/sq. m (+4,7%) – in the business class, and 475,400 roubles ($8,234)/sq. m (+7,9%) in the elite class.

Moscow’s apartments set records, Sberbank lends mortgage loans for buying them

Price dynamics depending on the class (roubles/sq. m)


2016 showed that despite a number of difficulties the apartments sector in Moscow is alive, in demand and ready for further development.

This is confirmed by the fact that the authorities started active work on the creation of the legislative basis for the apartment’s sector regulation. At the end of 2016, the Moscow government adopted a list of compounds with apartments, the owners of which will get preferences for personal property tax.

Presently, the list includes 7 objects but experts suppose it to be the beginning of great changes that will be able to make the apartment sector clearer and more available for purchasers.


Market dynamics in 2014—2016


Semyon MORON

With the use of NAI Becar’s materials


Apartments in Moscow in 2016, results and forecasts



1. Offer volume in the 4th quart.— 9 092 ap. in 106 compounds including:

– Buy-to-live apartments — 7 927 ap.in 92 compounds

– Buy-to-let apartments — 1 165 ap. in 14 compounds

2. New offer volume — 366 ap. in 4 projects  (↓ -71,5% by the 3d quart. of 2016)
(«Nabokov», «Monodom», «Verden», «Barbaris», all buy-to-live projects)

3. Offer structure: comfort class — 13%, business class — 70%, elite class —17%


Market conditions

Sales prices:

– Comfort class — 148,000 roubles/sq.m (↑+0,9% by the 3d quart. of 2016).

– Business class — 226,200 roubles/sq.m (↑+4,7% by the 3d quart. of 2016).

– Elite class — 475,4000 roubles/sq.m (↑+7,9% by the 3d quart. of 2016). 


– in the 4th quart. of 2016 550 units sold (↑+37,5% by the 3d quart. of 2016). The average rate of sales for the project: comfort class — 5 ap./mon., business class — 7 ap./mon., elite class — 3 ap./mon.


The results of the 4th quart. of 2016

– Price growth in all classes of sales

– Outstanding demand volume in the 4th quarter of 2016.


The year’s results

– 90% of the apartments brought to the market in 2016 are buy-to-live ones (19 projects).

– Sales prices for comfort and business classes went down by 10% and 4%, respectively, and grew by 17% in the elite class.

– 1 750 apartments were sold in 2016, which is 25% more than in 2015 г.



– 5 apart-compounds with 3,500 units will start to be sold at the beginning of 2017.

– The demand is likely to stay at the level of 400—450 units a quarter during 2017.


Sberbank started to lend mortgage loans for apartments

Sberbank of Russia has started lending mortgage loans for the purchase of apartments in new buildings. The credits are lent within the program, “Purchasing housing under construction”, which includes apartments’ crediting.

The rates are from 11.5% to13.0% a year. Those who want to buy apartments may use an additional discount of about 0.5 pp to buy property in some regions of Russia. The offer is valid until February 28, 2017, the rate range is 11.0—12.5% a year.

The offer is valid for 18 regions of Russia, including Moscow, the Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region, etc.

However, Sberbank is not the first to offer it: HMLA, Deltacredit, VTB24, Rosselkhozbank, Otkrytiye bank and Binbank have similar programs.

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