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23:55 23-06-2018
Sales of luxury housing in Miami jumped by 24%
23:55 22-06-2018
Sales of luxury housing in Miami jumped by 24%
23:40 22-06-2018
Russia and Uzbekistan agreed on nuclear power plant construction
23:19 22-06-2018
South Korean Kogas may take part in Arctic LNG 2 project
22:58 22-06-2018
Mongolia is building its first oil refinery to reduce dependence on Russia
22:33 22-06-2018
30 accidents occurred at Moscow construction sites in 2018
22:10 22-06-2018
St. Petersburg real estate draws more investments than that in Moscow
21:46 22-06-2018
Monument to Soviet citizens died in forced labor will be installed in Germany
23:53 21-06-2018
Ronald Reagan home in Los Angeles is put up for sale for $7 million
23:32 21-06-2018
Number of transactions with housing in Spain increased by 30%
23:06 21-06-2018
Fears of investors led to slowdown in mortgage rates in USA
22:48 21-06-2018
Washington Times: construction of North Stream 2 is more than just pipeline project
22:24 21-06-2018
Health center with aquazone for hydrotherapy to be built in Moscow
22:01 21-06-2018
Experts explain why demand for apartments in Moscow grew tenfold
21:35 21-06-2018
Unique hotel designed by Zaha Hadid Architects opens in Macau
23:56 20-06-2018
Property in Sydney and Melbourne falls in price
23:34 20-06-2018
Private investors show interest in Romania’s housing market
23:18 20-06-2018
Russia imposes additional tariffs on U.S. road construction equipment
22:57 20-06-2018
Moscow holds tender for bus depot construction worth $23 million
22:32 20-06-2018
9-storey hotel with lawns to be built in center of Moscow
22:00 20-06-2018
500,000 vehicles crossed Crimean bridge, with bus share growing
21:26 20-06-2018
$6.8-billion Vancouver airport expansion is launched
23:49 19-06-2018
80% of families in Latvia cannot afford to buy housing
23:05 19-06-2018
Sales of new housing in Israel are slowing down
22:41 19-06-2018
New residential projects in Monaco are in high demand
22:22 19-06-2018
Russian Railways may take part in ambitious Latin American project
21:57 19-06-2018
Japan invites foreign builders: “We need people who will start immediately”
21:32 19-06-2018
Erdogan plans to build third nuclear power plant in Turkey. Who will implement it?
21:04 19-06-2018
Nord Stream 2 AG received almost all pipes for construction
23:54 18-06-2018
BIM-technologies used in construction of eight World Cup stadiums in Russia
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An unprecedentedly complicated project has been approved in the Moscow region

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An unprecedentedly complicated project has been approved in the Moscow region

On the 15th of March, the government of the Moscow region approved the planning design for the “Podolsk – Klimovsk – Domodedovo – Konstantinovo – Ramenskoye” tramway line section.

As Constrution.ru was told by the regional press office, the project was elaborated by the Head Architecture Department of the Moscow region. In the opinion of the Deputy Chairman of the regional government, German Elyanyushkin, this is a project unprecedented in its scale and complicated nature.

The total length of the line will be 250 km. It will connect 20 cities and improve the availability of transport by a factor of 2 or 3. At present, the first start-up line is being worked on, which will become part of the single transportation system of Moscow and the Moscow region, united by commuting hubs with suburban trains and metro stations.

Implementation of the project will make passengers more mobile, with more interior comfort. The length of the line in the Moscow region will be 192 km, and in Moscow, 54 km.

A light rail system will connect 4 international airports – Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo, and Ramenskoye. The price of the construction will be equivalent to 3 bln euro.

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