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19:20 25-09-2018
Armenia wants to set up two logistics centers in Russian Caucasus
18:56 25-09-2018
Moscow revives Stalin’s high-rise construction
18:12 25-09-2018
Poland to build ship channel to Baltic Sea, amid Russia’s environmental concerns
20:38 24-09-2018
Moscow authorities intend to cooperate in construction with Italian city of Bari
19:52 24-09-2018
Sberbank holds tender for science park construction in Skolkovo
19:11 24-09-2018
Abkhazia begins to supply crushed stone to Crimea for its construction projects
18:37 24-09-2018
Average hotel rooms’ yield in Moscow grows 2.6 times
18:05 24-09-2018
Russia to allocate $4,8 billion to main infrastructure development
17:40 24-09-2018
27,000 sqm of real estate put up for auction in eastern Moscow
17:13 24-09-2018
Billionaire from Russia is building Mediterranean-style hotel in Montenegro
22:44 21-09-2018
Construction of light railway in Voronezh may begin within three years
21:35 21-09-2018
Two solar power plants will be put in operation in Saratov region in December
20:52 21-09-2018
Russian minister unveils plans for production of construction materials in Syria
20:11 21-09-2018
Russia’s largest data center to be erected in Zelenograd
19:34 21-09-2018
Russian Rosatom launched construction of Bushehr 2 NPP in Iran
20:52 20-09-2018
$79m to be allocated to Chelyabinsk airport reconstruction by SCO and BRICS summits
20:03 20-09-2018
Moscow authorities put up for auction fitness club in Maryino
19:31 20-09-2018
Number of mortgage deals grew 22% in Moscow region
18:48 20-09-2018
Russia’s largest tennis center to be completed in Luzhniki within 3 years
18:16 20-09-2018
Russian-British consortium sets to elaborate master plan of offshore in Kaliningrad
17:37 20-09-2018
Demand for office and retail property is soaring in Moscow
17:05 20-09-2018
Experts decide on how to hasten construction of China-Mongolia-Russia corridor
23:43 19-09-2018
$142 million to be invested in Yakutia’s innovation cluster
23:00 19-09-2018
Russia’s budgetary subsidies for gas turbine development will amount to $103 million
22:20 19-09-2018
Priciest apartment in Moscow is put up for sale for $102 million
21:39 19-09-2018
Chinese CRCC starts building next metro tunnel in southwestern Moscow
20:54 19-09-2018
Japanese hotel with split system will be built in center of Moscow
20:17 19-09-2018
170 non-residential properties are put up for auction in Moscow
19:41 19-09-2018
Finland to build fence on border with Russia as protection against wild boars
23:01 18-09-2018
New stadium to be constructed on 20-hectare land plot in Russian Caucasus
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India evacuates 10,000 starving construction workers from Gulf states

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India evacuates 10,000 starving construction workers from Gulf states

Indian government is elaborating a plan to evacuate nearly 10,000 of builders, who had been working at the construction sites of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Global Construction Review reports.

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