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22:20 19-09-2018
Priciest apartment in Moscow is put up for sale for $102 million
21:39 19-09-2018
Chinese CRCC starts building next metro tunnel in southwestern Moscow
20:54 19-09-2018
Japanese hotel with split system will be built in center of Moscow
20:17 19-09-2018
170 non-residential properties are put up for auction in Moscow
19:41 19-09-2018
Finland to build fence on border with Russia as protection against wild boars
23:01 18-09-2018
New stadium to be constructed on 20-hectare land plot in Russian Caucasus
22:09 18-09-2018
Leroy Merlin to build $25-million store in Rostov-on-Don
21:14 18-09-2018
Putin does not rule out extension of Turkish Stream pipeline to Hungary
20:25 18-09-2018
5,000 sqm of non-residential space is put up for auction in Moscow
19:33 18-09-2018
Putin kicks off construction of two new power units at Paks NPP in Hungary
18:48 18-09-2018
Gazprom to hold 5 tenders for purchase of pipes for Power of Siberia trunkline
18:21 18-09-2018
Russian company will help Bosnian Serbs to build four hydroelectric power stations
22:11 17-09-2018
Step-by-step transition to BIM-technologies in Russian construction industry is needed — Expert
21:33 17-09-2018
Russian investors embark on building hotels and tourist complex in Syria
20:47 17-09-2018
$220-million greenhouse complex to be built near Voronezh
20:25 17-09-2018
Russia to allocate $36,6 bln to its national housing project
19:54 17-09-2018
Rick Perry unveils why USA opposes Nord Stream 2
19:12 17-09-2018
Urgent U.N. Security Council meeting held on North Korea sanctions violations
23:41 14-09-2018
$137 million to be invested in new industrial park in Moscow region
22:31 14-09-2018
Construction of plant for paint-and-lacquer materials launched in Podolsk
21:48 14-09-2018
Tigre de Cristal to build beach club and mall in Primorye for $248 million
21:03 14-09-2018
Mortgage rates in Russia are expected to fall down to 7-8%
20:25 14-09-2018
Angela Merkel highlights importance of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline
19:53 14-09-2018
About 6 hectares of land are put up for auction in New Moscow
19:02 14-09-2018
Russian Gazprom goes back to idea of gas pipeline to South Korea
23:46 13-09-2018
RDIF supports proposal to set up joint US-Russia investment fund
23:01 13-09-2018
Large woodworking plant to be built on Sakhalin
22:32 13-09-2018
Number of mortgage transactions in Moscow jumped by 73%
21:59 13-09-2018
Russian Energy Ministry is concerned about possible US sanctions on Nord Stream 2
21:13 13-09-2018
Kusturica, who set up ethno-village in Serbia, is willing to build house in Russia
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Rosatom has a contract with Hungary

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Rosatom has a contract with Hungary

Confirmation has been received from the Hungarian government on the construction of an NPP, it was reported to Construction.ru by the press service of the Russian President today. Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with the CEO of the state corporation for atomic energy, "Rosatom", Sergey Kiriyenko."We received confirmation from the government of Hungary that everything has been coordinated as agreed -  we have construction of a nuclear power plant, fuel supply, and a big, serious portfolio of orders - everything has been confirmed, the contract is effective now, everything is coordinated", said Sergey Kiriyenko at a meeting. He declared this situation was, "of course, not without pressure". In particular, the Financial Times tried to portray the story as it were about the snubbing of the European Union by the government of Hungary. Vladimir Putin answered that a refusal to construct the NPP would cause "damage to the national interests of Hungary".In December of last year, Rosatom signed contracts for the completion of the NPP "Paksh" in Hungary, and also on the supply of fuel to this station. In March 2014, Russia and Hungary also signed an agreement on the allocation of 10 billion euros of credit for the completion of the NPP. On account of this, Evrat didn't approve earlier plans for Hungary to import fuel for the NPP from Russia only.


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