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23:55 18-07-2018
Japanese Hino starts construction of its truck factory in Moscow region
23:14 18-07-2018
US Senator introduced bill sanctioning Nord Stream 2 gas project
22:43 18-07-2018
20 technological clusters to be built in new Moscow
22:01 18-07-2018
Moscow is named world’s best city in terms of infrastructure availability
21:30 18-07-2018
Vladimir Putin offered his views on what modern city should be like
20:52 18-07-2018
Newsweek: Russia intends to connect Japan and Europe with railway bridge
20:17 18-07-2018
Why did Russia shift ground on construction of Trans-Caspian gas pipeline?
23:41 17-07-2018
Head of Russia’s Central Bank warns about “bubbles” in mortgage market
23:15 17-07-2018
Knotel international coworking network enters Russian market
22:42 17-07-2018
Trump comes around on Nord Stream 2 after his meeting with Putin
22:11 17-07-2018
Moscow sets to become leader in development of unmanned transport systems
21:34 17-07-2018
21 transfer hubs will be put up for auction in Moscow
21:08 17-07-2018
Russian company comes up with world's largest construction 3D printer
20:13 17-07-2018
Russia welcomes India’s participation in NPP construction in Bangladesh
23:47 12-07-2018
Barcelona is struggling with illegal leasing
22:16 12-07-2018
Moldova will issue citizenship in exchange for investments
21:35 12-07-2018
Housing cost in Vancouver jumped by 40% over past three years
20:27 12-07-2018
Part of historic building on Maroseyka is put up for auction for $1,4 million
19:41 12-07-2018
Macron hints at sovereignty in issue of Nord Stream 2 construction
18:50 12-07-2018
Financial Times reveals secret of Russian money in Trump skyscraper
17:33 12-07-2018
What hampers construction of new STRATCOM headquarters?
23:28 11-07-2018
What are world’s most innovative countries?
22:49 11-07-2018
Walt Disney to invest $650 million in new headquarters in Manhattan
21:13 11-07-2018
Israel doubles number of foreign builders to solve housing crisis
20:37 11-07-2018
Why do foreign investments in Russia’s real estate grow?
19:26 11-07-2018
Trump is annoyed with “billions of dollars” that Russia will get from Germany
18:45 11-07-2018
Rosatom intends to add Jordan to customer list and cement dominance
17:04 11-07-2018
China to build railway in Serbia for $3.8 billion
23:58 10-07-2018
In first half of 2018, transactions with Dubai housing estimated at $30 billion
22:46 10-07-2018
People for first time moved into 3D-printed home
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The supervisory board of the National Association of Manufacturers of Building Materials

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The supervisory board of the National Association of Manufacturers of Building Materials

The head of the Ministry of Construction, Mikhail Menn, and of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov, as well as the head of the JSC RUSNANO Management Company, Anatoly Chubais, have become co-chairmen of the supervisory board of the "National Association of Producers of Construction Materials, Products and Design Association”, it has been declared at the first All-Russian meeting of producers of the industries of construction materials, products and design taking place in Moscow. In his speech, Mikhail Menn said: "We support the initiative, which arose in the professional community. At last, authorities have a partner for dialogue, and we have high hopes of aiding the association in the solutions to questions connected with the development of the industry. The initiative group offered Denis Manturov, Anatoly Chubais and myself the leadership the supervisory board of the association. In this, there is a logic: in the supervisory board, industry and innovation will be present". He reminded us that there was recently a division of power between the two ministries concerning the building materials industry: the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation will define state policy for this sphere and will be engaged in development strategy, and the Ministry of Construction will be responsible for technical regulation.  Mikhail Menn said that in this sphere the government has made a revolutionary decision: "This is the state’s task in the field of technical regulation and pricing in the construction industry". In turn, Denis Manturov told us that "One of the key moves we have seen is an expansion of inter-sectoral cooperation aimed at the creation of innovative products. We have a lot of development, and samples and examples of the different uses of polymers and composites. It is as necessary as it is possible to introduce them more actively into production – otherwise we will constantly lose ground to imports on performance levels and competitiveness. It is one of the key vectors of our branch strategy". The chairman of the board of the JSC RUSNANO Management Company, Anatoly Chubais, emphasized that in the development strategy of RUSNANO, the construction branch is the number one priority. "But it isn't enough to create an innovative product - the main thing is to go out on the market and show people the advantages, the efficiency of new materials not yet in use, at home, in kindergartens, or in schools. It is certain that the association will become an important tool for the advancement of innovations on the market", he noted. Heads of regions of the Russian Federation, leaders of professional and public associations, and heads of industry also took part in the meeting.


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