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23:52 16-03-2018
Siemens supplies turbines to Gazprom for building TPS in Chechnya
23:09 16-03-2018
Why almost 100 Winn-Dixie stores are to be closed in USA
22:41 16-03-2018
US Senators are about to deal a blow to Russia’s Nord Stream 2
22:10 16-03-2018
Spain is interested in building Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway
21:46 16-03-2018
24 penthouses put up for sale in Moscow elite buildings
21:15 16-03-2018
Unique bioenergetic greenhouse complex to be built in Podolsk
20:37 16-03-2018
Number of new buildings in USA drops sharply below forecasts
20:03 16-03-2018
$175-million children's campus to be built in Russia
19:21 16-03-2018
Wintershall allocates €324m to Nord Stream 2 this year
18:52 16-03-2018
Gazprom puts on auction its construction company
22:53 15-03-2018
President Putin inspected a new airport in Crimea
22:15 15-03-2018
What is an average housing price in Russian regions
20:48 15-03-2018
Gazprom invests $890m in construction of gas transmission capacities
19:31 15-03-2018
Khabarovsk airport to be built without Japanese investments
18:54 15-03-2018
$140 million to be allocated to road bridge across Ob River
18:17 15-03-2018
French and Russian technology parks to exchange startups
17:48 15-03-2018
Azimut Hotels to open $82m hotel near Pereslavl-Zalessky
17:12 15-03-2018
Zaha Hadid Architects to create project for international airport in India
16:37 15-03-2018
Rosatom starts construction of a strategic uranium mine in Transbaikal
15:56 15-03-2018
Contractor needed to improve Moscow underground crosswalks
15:10 15-03-2018
Turkish Limak to build an airport terminal in Russian Far East
23:34 14-03-2018
Swiss Schindler to supply “smart house” technologies to Russians
23:17 14-03-2018
Chinese housing sector sees a slowdown
22:53 14-03-2018
President Putin inspected a new airport in Crimea
22:21 14-03-2018
Experts are positive about cement market
22:09 14-03-2018
Gazprombank finances airport reconstruction in Russia’s gas-rich region
21:42 14-03-2018
30 million sqm of housing to be built under Moscow renovation program
20:48 14-03-2018
Dutch architect offers Moscow his modular house project
16:18 14-03-2018
Court upholds refusal to arrest Siemens “Crimean” turbines
11:59 14-03-2018
European investors opt for warehousing property
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Why KNAUF Gypsum subsidiary in Perm takes a turn for the better

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Why KNAUF Gypsum subsidiary in Perm takes a turn for the better

Perm. Our special correspondent Alexey Nevsky. On the 5th of July, the group of reporters from industrial media visited the Kama region of Russia with accordance to the KNAUF Gypsum press tour program.

First, the reporters visited the Perm department of distributive directorate - KNAUF Gypsum subsidiary, where the head of marketing department, Pavel Tokarev, told about the directorate's operation in the region.

In particular, he noted that the last two years have been quite complicated. The company saw overproduction and slumping sales of some kinds of products. However, this year there is a positive trend.

Over the course of these years, the directorate had to restructure its operation, in particular, with education institutions, building brigades, establish a plaster center in the city of Perm, set up a logistic center in Kungur, to interact more actively with architects, etc.

All this has changed the situation to the better. The marketing expert has emphasized the directorate's success in promotion of the usage of special machinery for diverse surfaces plastering applying KNAUF dry building mixes, what allowed to significantly increase plasterrers workforce productivity – fourfold.

The reporters had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with materials and technologies of the German company at the city objects under construction.

The first such object was ASTRA residential compound, located in the historical center of the city (the building contractor is Kortros company of Renova-StroyGroup, which belongs to a billionaire Viktor Vekselberg). This residential compound was built on the territory of the former tobaccoo processing plant and is the premium class housing.

The second object are “Viktoria” and “New Center” residential compounds are also located in the center of Perm. Its building contractor is a local Komstrim company. The thirs micro-district was called “Griboyedov”, which investor was PIK company.

At all three sites the building contractor's representatives told about the applied materials and technologies of the German producer.

As a reference.

The Perm KNAUF subsidiary acts in the Perm, Kirov regions and in the Republics of Komi, Bashkortostan and Udmurtia.

Over the course of 4 years in 2016, 4029 apartments with a total area of 238,500 sq.m have been commissioned in the Perm region. This is 62% of the figure of the similar time period of the previous year.

Materials and technologies of the German company are applied nearly at all construction sites of the region.

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