Efficient usage of the “Far East hectare”

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Efficient usage of the “Far East hectare”
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Russian citizens have an opportunity to participate in a contest on the most efficient exploitation of Far Eastern land.

The contest organizers have started to receive applications with ideas on the best usage of the land, which the Russians will get as soon as a so-called “Far East Hectare” bill comes into effect.

This was announced on the 7th of April at a press conference in Moscow by Deputy Head of the Committee for Public and State Cooperation attached to the Far East Development Ministry of Russia, Sergey Gabestro.

The official reminded those present that the contest is being conducted by the Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East under the auspices of the RF Far East Development Ministry and with the support of the “Eastern Vector” public social network.

Within the framework of the contest, it is planned to gather the best ideas, share them and support the most interesting. Any Russian citizen who has reached the age of 11, as well as any organization registered in Russia, has an opportunity to take part in the project.

The winners will be awarded with valuable gifts and the chance to attend the Eastern Economic Forum that will be held in Vladivostok in September.