The “Construction insulation - 2016” international congress opens in Moscow

The “Construction insulation - 2016” international congress opens in Moscow
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On Wednesday, the second international “Construction Insulation - 2016” congress opened in the Golden Ring Hotel in Moscow.

As our special correspondent, Vitaly Gorchakov, reports from the ground, representatives from the Construction Ministry of Russia and leading domestic and European companies working on the construction insulation market took part in the event.

The topics of the congress are the analysis of the construction market and different segments of the insulation market, open dialogue with regulators, polymer thermal insulation, fire safety systems, insulation systems' energy efficiency, and facade and roofing structure insulation.

At present, a wide range of thermal insulation polymer materials are being presented on the Russian market. This is one of the most dynamically developing segments of the Russian construction industry.

In an interview with, one of the event's participants, the deputy head of one of the Construction Ministry’s department, Alexander Stepanov, said:

“This is a very representative forum which has gathered many professionals. Me personally, I've learned a lot of interesting things in the field of insulation materials. The program has been well organized and has provided answers to crucial questions”.