Czechs launch building of Dinosaurs’ Park in central Russia

Czechs launch building of Dinosaurs’ Park in central Russia
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Preparatory works started at the construction site of the Czechs Dinosaurs’ Park in Belgorod, the city located in the Central Federal District of Russia.

A unique park will be erected in Sosnovka area, in the vicinity with a new Belgorod zoo. The spots, where the huge figures of dinosaurs are to be placed, have already been determined.

Yesterday, the delegates from the Czech partner company and building developer, visited a site of a future Dinosaurs’ Park. Together with experts from Belgorod Directorate of Architecture and Urban Development, Czech businessmen selected pedestrian ways, land plots for 3D cinema, a café, a museum and the largest robotized figures of dinosaurs.

It’s already established that two models of dinosaurs will be specially constructed for this park, they will be placed in water. It cannot be ruled out that the Dinosaurs’ Park will be connected with a new zoo by means of a cable-railway, what will allow to create an integrated space for leisure time.