Chinese to build $400 million theme park in Australia

Chinese to build $400 million theme park in Australia
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The Songcheng Performing Arts Development Company, a Chinese entertainment company, intends to create a theme park worth $400 million in Gold Coast, a coastal city in the Australian state of Queensland, reports on the 22nd of November.

The company already operates six such parks in China and now it has unveiled the plans to enter the Australian tourism market. According to the chief executive of Gold Coast Tourism, Martin Winter, at present, negotiations are underway.

Martin Winter stressed that the Songcheng Performing Arts Development Company “is a very big player in the market” and has “a great track record of delivering fabulous theme parks”.

As a reference, there are theme parks in the Gold Coast, such as Sea World, Movie World and Dreamworld. However, a new park will differ from the existing ones, Mr. Winter says, and it will focus on culture.