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21:21 23-03-2017
Russia builds plant producing drugs based on human blood plasma
20:55 23-03-2017
Finnish company to build 28,000 sqm of housing in Moscow region
20:43 23-03-2017
Cheapest apartment in historical center of Moscow put for sale for $86,5m
20:23 23-03-2017
Architect offers to use experience of ancient Russian towns to develop territory
19:54 23-03-2017
Russian Railways to allocate extra funds for construction of Krasnodar bypass
19:38 23-03-2017
German scientists put in operation artificial sun
19:16 23-03-2017
Foreign scientists gather in Moscow to simulate interplanetary flights
18:44 23-03-2017
Chinese Bank starts to carry out operations in yuan in Russia
18:01 23-03-2017
Russia establishes Council for Antiseismic Construction
17:37 23-03-2017
Duterte welcomes Russian warships in ports of Philippines
16:22 23-03-2017
Construction of major facility for SCO and BRICS summits launched in Russia
15:50 23-03-2017
Construction of powerful thermal power plant starts in Bryansk region
15:12 23-03-2017
Tula region launches project for improvement of urban environment
14:47 23-03-2017
Russian-German company suspected of cartel secret deal at building roads
13:18 23-03-2017
$135m to be allocated for ongoing reconstruction of main Moscow airport
12:35 23-03-2017
Georgian authorities intend to build government town on outskirts of Tbilisi
11:59 23-03-2017
Russian oil companies attain elimination of their British “clones”
11:25 23-03-2017
Russia offers to draft international convention on combating cybercrime
10:44 23-03-2017
Russian Sberbank allocates $52m to support small businesses in Far East
09:57 23-03-2017
240,000 hectares of industrial zones in Russia to be built up with housing
23:42 22-03-2017
Norway permits one of Russia’s richest man to develop Dvalin gas field
22:49 22-03-2017
Stroytransneftegaz built 50% of its Power of Siberia’s section ahead of schedule
22:08 22-03-2017
Ukrainian companies to be supplied with coal from South Africa
21:30 22-03-2017
British millionaires predict positive effect of Brexit on their capital
20:07 22-03-2017
Xiaomi opens second plant for smartphone production in India
19:14 22-03-2017
Russia's first cinema with a cylindrical screen to appear in Zaryadye Park
17:46 22-03-2017
Russia ready to cooperate with all partners over Nord Stream — Putin
17:21 22-03-2017
Russia and Egypt plan to prepare contracts for El-Dabaa NPP within two months
17:03 22-03-2017
UPS builds new terminal in Salt Lake City
16:48 22-03-2017
Businessmen strive to invest in Golf Resort in Gelendzhik
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The RF Central Bank CEO on mortgage loans state support

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The RF Central Bank CEO on mortgage loans state support

Due to the mortgage loans support state program, it has become possible to avoid significant falls on the market in this sphere.

Sergei Moiseev, the Director of the Financial Stability Department of the Central Bank, claimed this at the “Risks management in retail banking” conference. According to him, the ruble crash at the end of last year resulted in a temporary purchasing boom, which led to a historic record in the volume of leased mortgage loans.
The population then showed demand for real estate as an investment asset, and there was also a boom in credits in cash. But all of this is in the past - we are actually seeing the death of POS-crediting and (relatively) okay conditions for mortgage loans, one better than might be expected. “In fact, we haven’t seen a significant decrease in this market. Of course, the volumes have decreases twice, but it is not so dramatic”, Sergei Moiseev said.
To remind you, according to the law on preference mortgage loans the RF government had planned to allot 20 bln rubles to Russian banks to subsidize the rates of mortgage loans for primary housing so that it did not surpass 12%.
The banks were supposed to lease mortgage loans for 400 bln rubles. Later, the RF Government expanded the program for preference mortgage loans up to 700 bln rubles. It will operate until March 1st, 2016.

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