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17:55 21-07-2017
Foreign technologies to help utilize solid waste
17:11 21-07-2017
South Korean businessmen to build mill house in Rostov region
16:43 21-07-2017
Moscow to receive international award for Москва transport development
15:55 21-07-2017
Marubeni consortium to build $365m power plant in Indonesia
15:14 21-07-2017
Elite housing offer in Moscow grew by 13%
14:35 21-07-2017
Choco-Pie producer to build new plant in Tver region
13:05 21-07-2017
Facebook to build $250m data centre in New Mexico
11:59 21-07-2017
Dozens of residential houses destroyed with fire in California
11:35 21-07-2017
Siemens intends to “divorse” Technopromexport
10:53 21-07-2017
Powerful greenhouse complex almost ready in Ingushetia
18:45 20-07-2017
Luxurious hotel to be built near Zhukovsky airport in Moscow region
17:59 20-07-2017
Russian Helicopters agreed on delivery of 10 helicopters to China
17:26 20-07-2017
Vietnamese to build powerful milk processor in Moscow region
16:56 20-07-2017
Sunac China bought hotels and tourist projects for $9.4 from Dalian Wanda
16:06 20-07-2017
Hothouse structures plant started production in Lipetsk SEZ
15:32 20-07-2017
Russian Ministry of Energy discussed cooperation prospects with Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
14:05 20-07-2017
A smart city for New Moscow by Engie
13:30 20-07-2017
Why did Philippov, Director General of “Silovyie Mashiny”, lose his post with scandal
12:33 20-07-2017
Spanish project design for Moscow Metro
12:12 20-07-2017
How much is reconstruction of railway stations for WC 2018?
11:39 20-07-2017
Incompleted Hyatt in Vladivostok tendered at lower price
10:48 20-07-2017
Glavgosexpertiza adopted the first phase of the Moscow-Kazan highway construction
17:54 19-07-2017
In Moscow Rostelecom sells two houses connected with Pushkin
17:39 19-07-2017
Moscow authorities searching for contractor to reconstruct the Pet Zoo
17:00 19-07-2017
Large hypermarket to be built in Kazan by Iranian investor
16:33 19-07-2017
Russian city of Orel searching for contractors to build a pedestrian bridge across Oka
15:27 19-07-2017
Powerful military logistic complex to be built in Moscow region
15:10 19-07-2017
Rosatom is to supply mini HPP to Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines
14:23 19-07-2017
Aircraft components producers from Germany and France to open plants in Moscow region
13:44 19-07-2017
Russian Sergievo Podvorie opened in Jerusalem afer long reconstruction
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Moscow – Psebay – Moscow A picture is worth 1,000 words

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Moscow – Psebay – Moscow A picture is worth 1,000 words

A photo report of the press-tour to the “KNAUF GYPSUM Kuban” plant located in the Psebay settlement in the Krasnodar region.

On September 25th and 30th, Construction.ru published material on the visit to the “KNAUF GYPSUM Kuban” plant (rcmm.ru and rcmm.ru) in the Psebay settlement in the Krasnodar region. Now we offer our readers a detailed photo report of the event from our special correspondent Alexei Nevsky.

The view of the plant from the stone quarry

27286We are taking photos of the plant

27287The Director of the plant (on the left) welcomes us

27288The director tells us all about the plant

27289The journalists are shown the gypsum wallboard production line

One of the city construction sites where KNAUF materials are used

Poured floor master-class

In the sports club sponsored by the plant

We are shown what the sports club will look like after repairs

In the training center

During the press conference

Ads are a driver of the production

New Krasnodar

Krasnodar balconies

Old Krasnodar

The “Bolshoi” trade center

The local mountains are extremely beautiful

Sochi is not far away

It is not only gypsum that is pure-blooded in the Psebay settlement

A cheese seller at a road-side market

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