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09:56 26-05-2017
First Russian Mercedes to be released in 2019
18:00 25-05-2017
Three embankments in Moscow to be improved for $18 million
17:37 25-05-2017
$221m Bridgestone tire plant opens in Russian city of Ulyanovsk
17:20 25-05-2017
Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay intend to buy Russian helicopters
16:54 25-05-2017
Unique technology to be applied in road construction in Russia
16:41 25-05-2017
New railway to be constructed in Kabardino-Balkar Republic
16:17 25-05-2017
Iran built its third underground plant for missiles production
15:58 25-05-2017
Georgians design new sections of road to Russia
15:40 25-05-2017
$248m waste recycling technology park to be built in Leningrad region
15:23 25-05-2017
Russia, Kazakhstan negotiate oil transit to Uzbekistan
15:04 25-05-2017
Russia’s FSB detain terrorists preparing attacks in Moscow transport
14:47 25-05-2017
Moscow to take part in metro construction in Serbia
12:56 25-05-2017
Mansion of England footballer Jamie Vardy on market for $1.6m
12:41 25-05-2017
Penthouse of composer Irving Berlin in New York on sale for $8m
12:25 25-05-2017
Joint Russian-Italian enterprise producing cheese to be set up in Kalmykia
11:57 25-05-2017
Most powerful photovoltaic solar power station to be built in Volgograd
11:26 25-05-2017
Sales volume of secondary housing in USA drops after 10-year high
11:06 25-05-2017
US Senator calls on to stand out against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project
10:34 25-05-2017
Venezuela's Parliament urges USA to oppose deal of Rosneft and PDVSA
10:14 25-05-2017
Plant producing mélange for export to be erected in Kaliningrad region
09:53 25-05-2017
Russians create 15-seat ground effect vehicles for foreign customers
17:54 24-05-2017
Chinese Hilong oilfield services group opens factory in Russian city
17:34 24-05-2017
Bike parking closed in Brussels before Trump’s visit
17:23 24-05-2017
Gorgeous park to be built on river bank in Moscow region
17:10 24-05-2017
Rio de Janeiro Mayor offers to open Moscow stadium with Brazilian club’s game
16:54 24-05-2017
Flax processing plant put in operation in Vologda
16:38 24-05-2017
President of Lithuania calls on to fight against Gazprom’s monopoly
16:15 24-05-2017
Kremlin comments on possible military alliance of Russia, China and Philippines
15:57 24-05-2017
Construction of new beach resort starts in Ras al-Khaimah
15:44 24-05-2017
Siberian region asks for funding to build uranium mine
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Moscow – Psebay – Moscow A picture is worth 1,000 words

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Moscow – Psebay – Moscow A picture is worth 1,000 words

A photo report of the press-tour to the “KNAUF GYPSUM Kuban” plant located in the Psebay settlement in the Krasnodar region.

On September 25th and 30th, Construction.ru published material on the visit to the “KNAUF GYPSUM Kuban” plant (rcmm.ru and rcmm.ru) in the Psebay settlement in the Krasnodar region. Now we offer our readers a detailed photo report of the event from our special correspondent Alexei Nevsky.

The view of the plant from the stone quarry

27286We are taking photos of the plant

27287The Director of the plant (on the left) welcomes us

27288The director tells us all about the plant

27289The journalists are shown the gypsum wallboard production line

One of the city construction sites where KNAUF materials are used

Poured floor master-class

In the sports club sponsored by the plant

We are shown what the sports club will look like after repairs

In the training center

During the press conference

Ads are a driver of the production

New Krasnodar

Krasnodar balconies

Old Krasnodar

The “Bolshoi” trade center

The local mountains are extremely beautiful

Sochi is not far away

It is not only gypsum that is pure-blooded in the Psebay settlement

A cheese seller at a road-side market

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