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23:33 21-05-2018
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22:47 21-05-2018
RDIF to negotiate extending cooperation with Saudi Aramco
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Belene NPP project in Bulgaria implies Russian participation
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How the fall in the ruble exchange rate affected housing prices in Russia
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Housing sales to foreigners in Turkey grew by 25% — including Russians
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Housing with mortgage at 0% is being built in Russian Far East
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Two T-shaped skyscrapers to be built in southeastern Cyprus
22:59 18-05-2018
Blackstone Fund sells all its Hilton shares for $1.3 billion
22:27 18-05-2018
Mortgage rates in USA reached seven-year high
22:06 18-05-2018
Putin linked US stance on Nord Stream 2 with LNG supplies to Europe
21:52 18-05-2018
Russia and Japan begin to cooperate on “Smart Cities”
21:33 18-05-2018
Innovative international airport in Beijing will be built in 2018
21:01 18-05-2018
South Korean Lotte opens 5-star hotel with panoramic swimming pool in Samara
23:57 17-05-2018
Turkish businessmen to build a waste processing plant in Russian Caucasus
23:15 17-05-2018
Donald Trump tried to persuade Angela Merkel to abandon Nord Stream 2
22:44 17-05-2018
American Hines to build an outlet at Novorizhskoe highway
22:00 17-05-2018
Russia is no longer leader in European rating for mall construction
21:35 17-05-2018
Graffiti of foreign artists on football theme will appear on Luzhniki Stadium
21:13 17-05-2018
Production of modular all-season homes launched in Russian Far East
20:49 17-05-2018
USA may impose sanctions against companies engaged in Nord Stream 2 construction
23:25 16-05-2018
Football fans from Egypt and Saudi Arabia massively book rooms in Volgograd
22:57 16-05-2018
Administrative building in center of Moscow is put up for sale for $885,000
22:14 16-05-2018
Sakhalin bridge construction is 3 times more expensive than Crimean one
21:42 16-05-2018
Tender announced for overhaul of Akademicheskaya metro station in St. Petersburg
21:11 16-05-2018
Two lanes of Tavrida highway in Crimea to open in 2018
20:36 16-05-2018
Rosatom to build Center for Nuclear Science and Technology in Zambia
23:26 15-05-2018
Ginza restaurant holding opens farmer’s markets in Moscow
22:44 15-05-2018
Finnish developer YIT sets to build 77,000 sqm of housing in Moscow region
22:13 15-05-2018
Putin opened road section of Crimean bridge, driving KamAZ
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What surprises awaited Russian journalists in Fischer company

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What surprises awaited Russian journalists in Fischer company

A press-tour for journalists from Russian industry media, arranged by German company of Fischer, continued on 15 March in Waldachtal and the Black Forest located in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

As our special correspondent, Alexey Nevsky, reported from the ground, the last day of the press tour turned out to be the busiest and most productive one. It started with a meeting with a director of the plant for the production of chemical anchors, Jurgen Grun, who told about company's future projects in housing construction.

In particular, he told in detail about “Active House” project (not to be confused with a “passive house” - editor’s note), which the company has been developing jointly with three German firms.

Philosophy of this project is that a house should consume less solar energy than it produces with the use of environmentally sustainable sources. The first prototype of such modular house has already been assembled in Stuttgart.

The next destination on the journalists’ agenda involved a visit to the company’s Academy, where the first big surprise was prepared for the Russians. The matter is that since recently, the Olympic tennis champion Yevgeny Kafelnikov has become the personification of the basic principles of Fischer group.

It was him who taught a number of master classes for journalists at the Academy on the subject of the use of professional construction fasteners.

This training center operates on a regular basis and teaches the practical application of fastener systems to more than 3.5 thousand mounters per year. During the demonstration of the fastener systems’ capabilities, new products were being shown.

For example, journalists were being demonstrated the technology of underwater exploitation of chemical anchors, that is now possessed by Fischer company only.

After that, the Russians were provided an opportunity to talk with representatives of FischerTechnik division. They told about the production of construction sets used as a training tool. The motto of this direction is “Understand technology while playing!”.

This direction was established as early as 1965 by Arthur Fischer. At present, FischerTechnik is applied in schools, universities, and training centers. It is recommended for children aged over 5 years.

It should be noted that the company carries out work with children and students on a regular basis. So, since 2015, its leadership has been awarded with an annual prize for outstanding theses for obtaining the degrees of bachelor and master.

The company’s logistics center, which was visited by journalists next, impressed with its scope and automation. Having invested 5 million euro in logistics, the company managed to reduce the warehouse area and increase the speed of processing and delivery of products to customers.

The next destination within the framework of the press tour was a factory producing automotive systems. The facility, built in 2001, is the second largest business unit of Fischer group of companies and it manufactures components for famous car brands. At the end of the day, the second surprise awaited Russian journalists in Jung riding school runned by a three-time Olympic champion in equestrian eventing Michael Jung.

Over the course of three days of the press tour, the head of the department for corporate communications of Fischer Group, Wolfgang Pott, rendered an assistance to Russian journalists in obtaining information.

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