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The exact length and design of the Kerch Bridge has been determined

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The exact length and design of the Kerch Bridge has been determined

The total length of the bridge across the Strait of Kerch will reach 19 km. This was confirmed on April 4th at a meeting in Simferopol, with the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin, the first deputy director of Federal Public Institutions, "Taman", and the construction customer, Roman Novikov reported. According to him, the bridge will combine earth constructions using the existing natural dams of the spit of Tuzla adjoining the Taman Peninsula as well as two constructions located on parallel axes, for railway and automobile transport, with a general extent of 15 km from the spit of Tuzla to the Kerch Peninsula. This bridge will need 250 tons of steel construction. Mr. Rogozin noted that during this construction, the largest shipyard in Crimea, the Kerch Shipyard “Zaliv (the Bay)” could come into play. The CEO of the Zherdev plant immediately expressed his willingness to engineer the structure for the Kerch Bridge because the distance from the factory to the bridge is only 5 to 10 km by sea and enlarged bridge sections could be easily delivered by barge.

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