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23:47 12-07-2018
Barcelona is struggling with illegal leasing
22:16 12-07-2018
Moldova will issue citizenship in exchange for investments
21:35 12-07-2018
Housing cost in Vancouver jumped by 40% over past three years
20:27 12-07-2018
Part of historic building on Maroseyka is put up for auction for $1,4 million
19:41 12-07-2018
Macron hints at sovereignty in issue of Nord Stream 2 construction
18:50 12-07-2018
Financial Times reveals secret of Russian money in Trump skyscraper
17:33 12-07-2018
What hampers construction of new STRATCOM headquarters?
23:28 11-07-2018
What are world’s most innovative countries?
22:49 11-07-2018
Walt Disney to invest $650 million in new headquarters in Manhattan
21:13 11-07-2018
Israel doubles number of foreign builders to solve housing crisis
20:37 11-07-2018
Why do foreign investments in Russia’s real estate grow?
19:26 11-07-2018
Trump is annoyed with “billions of dollars” that Russia will get from Germany
18:45 11-07-2018
Rosatom intends to add Jordan to customer list and cement dominance
17:04 11-07-2018
China to build railway in Serbia for $3.8 billion
23:58 10-07-2018
In first half of 2018, transactions with Dubai housing estimated at $30 billion
22:46 10-07-2018
People for first time moved into 3D-printed home
21:19 10-07-2018
Ukraine sets to cooperate with Rosatom in building plant for nuclear fuel production
20:03 10-07-2018
Historic Batashev estate in Moscow needs to be restored for $467,000
19:27 10-07-2018
Russian construction industry will see breakthrough — thanks to carbon fiber
18:30 10-07-2018
Italy and Russia agreed to build joint aircraft maintenance center
17:52 10-07-2018
Bangladesh and India to build railway leading to NPP under construction
23:36 09-07-2018
Greece leads in investor demand for elite housing in Mediterranean
22:07 09-07-2018
Housing sales in Toronto jumped to 2004-year high
21:11 09-07-2018
New Leroy Merlin store is built in Moscow region
20:23 09-07-2018
New building of embassy of Switzerland is built in center of Moscow
19:36 09-07-2018
Saudi Gazette explains why Rosatom should win tender for first NPP in Saudi Arabia
18:15 09-07-2018
$35-million historic building of Prague restaurant is put up for auction
17:55 09-07-2018
New president of Mexico drops his promise to stop grandiose airport construction
23:50 06-07-2018
Portugal needs 70,000 new buildings to meet housing demand
22:34 06-07-2018
Elite housing in Dubai is one of most spacious and inexpensive
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The Pavilion of Atomic Energy on VDNKh (Exhibition of Economic Achievements) in Moscow will get a unique media facade.

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The Pavilion of Atomic Energy on VDNKh (Exhibition of Economic Achievements) in Moscow will get a unique media facade.

In the form of atoms and spheres, the architectural studio IND Architects has created a unique media facade (in the competition for the development of the pavilion) for the Pavilion of Atomic Energy in the ENEA in Moscow, the head of the studio, Amir Idiatulin, reported in an interview with RIA Novosti. IND-Architects, in collaboration with the American bureau FR-EE, created for the competition this futuristic concept for the pavilion under the name "Reactor". Outside, the building will represent an elegant structure with a bright interactive media facade. It will work as an educational element, showing the principle of the creation of an atom and its properties.The internal space of the pavilion is organized around the core: similar to an atom, in which electrons move on orbits round the core. The media facade extends to the building’s kernel, inducing extraordinary colourful impressions on visitors. In the “Reaktor” pavilion, it will be possible to run interactive exhibitions. The spherical space will provide audiences with access to educational information, exhibitions and the auxiliary service zones spinning around. The interactive and technological LED facade symbolizes the process of the distribution of energy as a result of a nuclear reaction. The operational roof of the building is to be covered with "clever" panels. They will generate energy for nocturnal illumination of the facade. The pavilion will be heated by a geothermal heat pump, extracting heat from the soil and groundwater. The design could be equipped with tanks to collect rain water and ventilation is down to perforations in the structure of the building, he added.  The future pavilion of nuclear energy will be located on the former site of pavilion ?19 in VDNKh in Moscow. Results for the development of the architectural concept of the pavilion of nuclear energy in VDNKh will be announced in September. The competition involved seven finalists, among them Yevgeny Gerasimov and Partners, Ital Engineering Consortium International, Archea Assotiati, Zanetti Design (Russia - Italy), ABD Architects (Moscow, Russia) and the consortium IND Architects, FR-EE (Russia - USA). The customer is the corporation "Rosatom".


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