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23:24 23-04-2018
Austrian Voestalpine will build the first fully automated steelworks
22:47 23-04-2018
Russia starts construction of 2nd launch pad at Vostochny spaceport
22:03 23-04-2018
March offer of secondary housing in USA attained its minimum since 1999
21:10 23-04-2018
Gazprom will build a giant gas chemical complex for $20 billion
20:36 23-04-2018
A 325-meter bridge will connect Russia and Azerbaijan
19:50 23-04-2018
Two-storey building on Tverskaya Street will be put up for auction
19:23 23-04-2018
Subsidiary of Finnish YIT will build a hotel in St. Petersburg
23:33 20-04-2018
Minister reveals a new strategy for housing construction in Russia
22:47 20-04-2018
High-tech waste recycling plant to be built in the Moscow region
22:18 20-04-2018
Russia’s first 5-star Marriott Modern hotel opens in Voronezh
21:55 20-04-2018
20% stake in oldest plant producing aluminum goods is put up for auction
21:29 20-04-2018
Five plants for wood waste processing to be built by Chinese in Russia
21:02 20-04-2018
Truck traffic movement along the Crimean bridge to be launched in October
20:31 20-04-2018
Syrians ask Russian companies to build housing in Damascus and Aleppo
23:37 19-04-2018
Austrians may create a “Smart City” in the Crimea
23:05 19-04-2018
Pushkin Museum seeks contractor for reconstruction of a manor house
22:34 19-04-2018
Lithuania’s first Marriott hotel to be built on the site of an old stadium
21:50 19-04-2018
Foreigners rent elite cottages in Moscow region for 2018 World Cup
21:22 19-04-2018
Sports complex with a 3D facade will be built in Moscow
20:15 19-04-2018
Dutch architect Winy Maas to talk about modern housing at Kaliningrad forum
19:48 19-04-2018
Czechs and Americans bought out all offices in Metropolis complex in Moscow
23:09 18-04-2018
Investments in China’s real estate soar, hitting a three-year high
22:11 18-04-2018
Experts name the cheapest resort destinations in Europe
21:32 18-04-2018
Gazprom and Saudi Aramco will create a joint coordinating committee
21:07 18-04-2018
$1,9 billion to be allocated for capital construction of military facilities in Russia
20:53 18-04-2018
A kindergarten with Spanish graffiti will be built in Moscow
20:14 18-04-2018
High-tech diamond enterprise will be set up in Moscow
19:51 18-04-2018
Two new metro stations to be built in northern Moscow
23:54 17-04-2018
High-speed railway from Vladimir to Nizhny Novgorod airport is approved
23:03 17-04-2018
Russian scientists developed a transport model for Cote d'Ivoire
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The Pavilion of Atomic Energy on VDNKh (Exhibition of Economic Achievements) in Moscow will get a unique media facade.

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The Pavilion of Atomic Energy on VDNKh (Exhibition of Economic Achievements) in Moscow will get a unique media facade.

In the form of atoms and spheres, the architectural studio IND Architects has created a unique media facade (in the competition for the development of the pavilion) for the Pavilion of Atomic Energy in the ENEA in Moscow, the head of the studio, Amir Idiatulin, reported in an interview with RIA Novosti. IND-Architects, in collaboration with the American bureau FR-EE, created for the competition this futuristic concept for the pavilion under the name "Reactor". Outside, the building will represent an elegant structure with a bright interactive media facade. It will work as an educational element, showing the principle of the creation of an atom and its properties.The internal space of the pavilion is organized around the core: similar to an atom, in which electrons move on orbits round the core. The media facade extends to the building’s kernel, inducing extraordinary colourful impressions on visitors. In the “Reaktor” pavilion, it will be possible to run interactive exhibitions. The spherical space will provide audiences with access to educational information, exhibitions and the auxiliary service zones spinning around. The interactive and technological LED facade symbolizes the process of the distribution of energy as a result of a nuclear reaction. The operational roof of the building is to be covered with "clever" panels. They will generate energy for nocturnal illumination of the facade. The pavilion will be heated by a geothermal heat pump, extracting heat from the soil and groundwater. The design could be equipped with tanks to collect rain water and ventilation is down to perforations in the structure of the building, he added.  The future pavilion of nuclear energy will be located on the former site of pavilion ?19 in VDNKh in Moscow. Results for the development of the architectural concept of the pavilion of nuclear energy in VDNKh will be announced in September. The competition involved seven finalists, among them Yevgeny Gerasimov and Partners, Ital Engineering Consortium International, Archea Assotiati, Zanetti Design (Russia - Italy), ABD Architects (Moscow, Russia) and the consortium IND Architects, FR-EE (Russia - USA). The customer is the corporation "Rosatom".


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