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15:58 13-08-2018
New city development index worked out by Min for EconDevelopment
23:40 09-08-2018
Moscow City apartment sales skyrocketed. What is in demand?
22:57 09-08-2018
Czech company is interested in Russia’s project for light railway
23:49 03-08-2018
Construction costs for Lakhta Center in St Petersburg reached $1,6 bln
23:05 03-08-2018
Investor from Azerbaijan to build agricultural logistics center in Smolensk region
22:31 03-08-2018
Moscow moved up 30 places in global ranking of rising prices for elite housing
21:57 03-08-2018
Housing costs in Crimea stabilized — authorities
21:23 03-08-2018
Chinese CRCC sets up consortium in Russia for infrastructure projects
20:48 03-08-2018
OilPrice: Why nuclear energy is of strategic importance for Russia
20:12 03-08-2018
Turnover in Russia-Belarus cement market amounted to $400 million for 4 years
01:16 03-08-2018
BMW plant in Hungary will not prevent launch of Russia’s enterprise
00:27 03-08-2018
New route bypassing Denmark is developed for Nord Stream 2
23:38 02-08-2018
South Korean company IS Dongseo is willing to build hotels in Vladivostok
22:45 02-08-2018
Russia ranks 4th in Eastern Europe for real estate investments
22:02 02-08-2018
Analysts explain surge in private sales of elite housing in Moscow
21:36 02-08-2018
Russia plans to use USSR experience to restore Syria
20:59 02-08-2018
10,000 new workers from North Korea arrived in Russia
01:06 02-08-2018
Russia sets to supply integrated house-building plants for Syria recovery
00:34 02-08-2018
$19bln road construction project is in public spotlight in Russia
23:58 01-08-2018
Moscow sells premises in building, where Bolshevik newspaper headquartered in 1905
23:31 01-08-2018
Why Naftogaz is wrong about Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline
22:57 01-08-2018
Rental falls in price on streets of Tverskaya, Arbat and Sadovoye Koltso
22:16 01-08-2018
China established its new gas grid company for supplies from Russia
21:40 01-08-2018
The National Interest advocates “gas geo-economics” to counter Nord Stream 2
23:44 31-07-2018
Russia’s mortgage market is expected to grow by 19%
23:02 31-07-2018
Six Russian companies added to EU sanction list because of Crimean bridge
22:39 31-07-2018
100-meter concrete pyramid to be built near Moscow within two years
22:13 31-07-2018
Supply of new buildings in Moscow region hits record high in July
21:41 31-07-2018
Russian PM instructs ministers to develop wooden house construction
21:08 31-07-2018
Russian Railways built first kilometer of high-speed rail line in Serbia
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In the leading construction institution of Kazakhstan, students are trained in Knauf technologies.

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In the leading construction institution of Kazakhstan, students are trained in Knauf technologies.

Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our special correspondent, Alexey Nevsky. In Kazakhstan, the leading architectural and construction academy (Kaz GASA) on June 17th gave Russian journalists a press tour of the Knauf company, examining the educational processes of the students of one of the best institutions in the country.The meeting began with a display of the educational work studios where students of the Faculty of Design are trained in Knauf technologies, in the installation of partitions with the technology of this German company, as journalists were told by the Doctor of Engineering and Associate Professor of the Academy, Ultuar Makhambetova. The Knauf company has for more than 10 years been helping the academy with the training of students.


From the second year, each student does work experience at the plant in Kapchagaye, receiving after their time there the corresponding certificate for course of theoretical preparation in educational classes. The Professor also specified that practically all students, besides obtaining practical skills, have the opportunity to work at the same enterprise part-time. The meeting of journalists at the academy ended with a presentation from the president of Kaz GASA, the Doctor of Engineering and academician, Amirlan Kusainov. He talked about the progress of the students and their participation in various international competitions of architecture, construction, and design.


 At the end of the meeting, the head of the service of corporate communications of the central management group of Knauf CIS, Leonid Los, at the request of Mr. Nikolaus Knauf, handed the book "Town Planning in Stalin's Shadow" to the president of the construction academy, Amirlan Kusainov. At the meeting, the Doctor of Architecture and the Academic Professor of the Faculty of Architecture, Gulnara Abdrasilova, was also present.


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