Russian Railways may take part in ambitious Latin American project

Russian Railways may take part in ambitious Latin American project
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Ministers from Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Peru met on June 15 in Lima to agree on the creation of a single regulatory framework for a project envisaging the construction of the bi-oceanic railway. The Russian Railways has also shown its interest in the project.

As TelesurTV notes, the construction of a 3,800-km-long railway is estimated at $10 billion. Under this ambitious project, an extensive railway infrastructure will be built to connect the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans from the port of Ilo in Peru to São Paulo in Brazil.

“As a state, we are seriously committed with the Bi-oceanic Railway Corridor. We are committed to working together to go forward and complete this very important project, which will integrate us and lead to our countries’ development,” Edmer Trujillo, Peru’s minister of transport and communications, declared at the meeting.

The same day, Vyacheslav Pavlovsky, Deputy General Director of OAO Russian Railways, who oversees international relations in the company, has said that the company is interested in participating in building the bi-oceanic railway.

“We are very interested in projects in Latin America. We have already started several projects and this (the bi-oceanic corridor) is a major project, in which we are very interested to participate”, Pavlovsky told Bolivian media.

As Prensa Latina notes, Vyacheslav Pavlovsky met with Bolivian President Evo Morales during his visit to Russia last week. The representative of the Russian Railways has stressed that the conversation was cordial, but, first of all, it will have great significance in the future.