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23:26 22-05-2018
Russia expects guarantees for construction of Turkish Stream in Bulgaria
22:38 22-05-2018
Spanish bank cut prices for real estate by 40%
22:01 22-05-2018
Monaco to spend $2.4 billion on expanding its coastline
21:45 22-05-2018
Ukrainian President called for maximum efforts to stop Nord Stream 2
21:22 22-05-2018
Date of construction of cableway from Russia to China is unveiled
20:53 22-05-2018
Digital technologies in housing construction to be discussed at SPIEF
20:13 22-05-2018
Hi-tech waterpark in form of flying saucer to be built in Caucasus
23:33 21-05-2018
Expert assessed prospects for construction of Bulgarian Stream
22:47 21-05-2018
RDIF to negotiate extending cooperation with Saudi Aramco
22:04 21-05-2018
Belene NPP project in Bulgaria implies Russian participation
21:39 21-05-2018
How the fall in the ruble exchange rate affected housing prices in Russia
21:15 21-05-2018
Housing sales to foreigners in Turkey grew by 25% — including Russians
20:58 21-05-2018
Housing with mortgage at 0% is being built in Russian Far East
20:23 21-05-2018
Why Chinese Tmall rents warehouse near Moscow airport
23:33 18-05-2018
Two T-shaped skyscrapers to be built in southeastern Cyprus
22:59 18-05-2018
Blackstone Fund sells all its Hilton shares for $1.3 billion
22:27 18-05-2018
Mortgage rates in USA reached seven-year high
22:06 18-05-2018
Putin linked US stance on Nord Stream 2 with LNG supplies to Europe
21:52 18-05-2018
Russia and Japan begin to cooperate on “Smart Cities”
21:33 18-05-2018
Innovative international airport in Beijing will be built in 2018
21:01 18-05-2018
South Korean Lotte opens 5-star hotel with panoramic swimming pool in Samara
23:57 17-05-2018
Turkish businessmen to build a waste processing plant in Russian Caucasus
23:15 17-05-2018
Donald Trump tried to persuade Angela Merkel to abandon Nord Stream 2
22:44 17-05-2018
American Hines to build an outlet at Novorizhskoe highway
22:00 17-05-2018
Russia is no longer leader in European rating for mall construction
21:35 17-05-2018
Graffiti of foreign artists on football theme will appear on Luzhniki Stadium
21:13 17-05-2018
Production of modular all-season homes launched in Russian Far East
20:49 17-05-2018
USA may impose sanctions against companies engaged in Nord Stream 2 construction
23:25 16-05-2018
Football fans from Egypt and Saudi Arabia massively book rooms in Volgograd
22:57 16-05-2018
Administrative building in center of Moscow is put up for sale for $885,000
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What a Russian construction company will build in Mongolia for $1 bln

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What a Russian construction company will build in Mongolia for $1 bln

The cost of future construction contracts for Russian companies in Mongolia may reach $1 bln.

This was the result of the first sitting of the Russian/Mongolian work group on construction issues in Ulan-Bator on November 27th. The Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Andrei Chibis, took part in it.

The ministry’s press office stressed that the Government of Mongolia has announced a tender for the creation of a concession on the updating of treatment facilities in Ulan-Bator. According to Andrei Chibis, Morton GC will take part in the tender as part of the agreements made.

“We hope that it will be a Russian company which gets the right to update the treatment facilities built by Soviet constructors. This will be the first large-scale project implemented as part of the Russian/Mongolian work group’s activities”, the Deputy Minister said.

The Mongolian party expressed their interest in Morton GC’s participating in the construction of the ‘Yarmaag’ housing complex, the implementation of the ‘Arrow’ (‘Strela’) transportation system project, and the creation of a beltway round Ulan-Bator. According to expert assessments, the Mongolian market is a very good prospect for housing construction development - about 40% of all investments are in this sphere.

At present, the priority program is the replanning of urban teepee districts, where more than half of the population of the country’s capital live.

Besides this, within the work group’s sitting, the parties agreed on scientific research and technology cooperation, utilizing the help of Russian specialists in the sphere of urban policy, remote education and training of employees, and legislative activity.

“The Mongolian party highly appreciates Russia’s help with and contribution to the construction work in Mongolia as part of long-term cooperation and friendship between the two countries”, stressed Sandagom Magnaysuran, State Secretary of the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia, and the chairman of the sitting. The next sitting of the work group on construction issues is planned for the first quarter of 2016.

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