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23:33 20-04-2018
Minister reveals a new strategy for housing construction in Russia
22:47 20-04-2018
High-tech waste recycling plant to be built in the Moscow region
22:18 20-04-2018
Russia’s first 5-star Marriott Modern hotel opens in Voronezh
21:55 20-04-2018
20% stake in oldest plant producing aluminum goods is put up for auction
21:29 20-04-2018
Five plants for wood waste processing to be built by Chinese in Russia
21:02 20-04-2018
Truck traffic movement along the Crimean bridge to be launched in October
20:31 20-04-2018
Syrians ask Russian companies to build housing in Damascus and Aleppo
23:37 19-04-2018
Austrians may create a “Smart City” in the Crimea
23:05 19-04-2018
Pushkin Museum seeks contractor for reconstruction of a manor house
22:34 19-04-2018
Lithuania’s first Marriott hotel to be built on the site of an old stadium
21:50 19-04-2018
Foreigners rent elite cottages in Moscow region for 2018 World Cup
21:22 19-04-2018
Sports complex with a 3D facade will be built in Moscow
20:15 19-04-2018
Dutch architect Winy Maas to talk about modern housing at Kaliningrad forum
19:48 19-04-2018
Czechs and Americans bought out all offices in Metropolis complex in Moscow
23:09 18-04-2018
Investments in China’s real estate soar, hitting a three-year high
22:11 18-04-2018
Experts name the cheapest resort destinations in Europe
21:32 18-04-2018
Gazprom and Saudi Aramco will create a joint coordinating committee
21:07 18-04-2018
$1,9 billion to be allocated for capital construction of military facilities in Russia
20:53 18-04-2018
A kindergarten with Spanish graffiti will be built in Moscow
20:14 18-04-2018
High-tech diamond enterprise will be set up in Moscow
19:51 18-04-2018
Two new metro stations to be built in northern Moscow
23:54 17-04-2018
High-speed railway from Vladimir to Nizhny Novgorod airport is approved
23:03 17-04-2018
Russian scientists developed a transport model for Cote d'Ivoire
22:47 17-04-2018
Prosecutor General's Office will closely monitor Vostochny Cosmodrome project
22:12 17-04-2018
Volvo launches a new line of rock haulers
21:50 17-04-2018
Experts reveal why there are more new houses in USA
20:24 17-04-2018
Japanese-Russian medical centers to be set up all over Russia
19:50 17-04-2018
More fast food outlets will emerge in Moscow
23:36 16-04-2018
Apartments in Trump Tower have lost their appeal for buyers
23:14 16-04-2018
$15,7 billion invested in Dubai real estate in 2018
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Russian Construction Ministry offers energy-efficient menu for high-rises

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Russian Construction Ministry offers energy-efficient menu for high-rises

The Head of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Mikhail Menn, approved a list of measures intended to ensure energy efficiency of high-rise buildings.

As Construction.RU was told by the press office of the Ministry, these aspects of the overhaul program were discussed by the participants of a meeting with regional operators that was held recently in Sevastopol.

The decree signed by the Minister approves proposals for enhancing energy efficiency, as well as offers a recommended “menu” of the relative measures to be taken within overhaul for owners’ approval.

The “menu” contains types of works, their projected energy efficiency, economic value and expenditure.

Judging by the experience of Russian regions, voiced by speakers representing regional operators from the Belgorod and Rostov regions, a thermal isolation of loft can lead to 10% savings in payment for heat, while insulation of walls can result in savings of up to 30%.

With an integrated approach the level of savings increases.

“The developed document will help owners to make a right choice in favour of a particular measure, as well as to evaluate its performance. The houses, included in short-term programs in 2017, will be able to benefit from “energy efficient menu”, which envisages selecting the most efficient measures with savings’ calculation”, - deputy director of the Department of Housing, Utilities and Amenities, Elena Solntseva, said at the meeting.

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