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22:31 22-03-2018
Jewish Museum holds design competition for a monument to death camps’ heroes
21:29 22-03-2018
Offices is historic Danilovskaya Manufactory in Moscow are put up for sale
20:47 22-03-2018
Enel puts in operation a 180-MW solar power plant in Peru
20:02 22-03-2018
Foreigners’ demand for housing in Turkey grows by 33% this year
19:35 22-03-2018
How much will it cost to rent apartments in cities hosting FIFA World Cup
18:51 22-03-2018
Russians increasingly invest in resort real estate
18:07 22-03-2018
Cheese factory operating on French-Italian technologies to open near Moscow
17:44 22-03-2018
A full-cycle BMW plant to be built in Russian city of Kaliningrad
18:09 21-03-2018
Gazprom built more than half of offshore part of Turkish Stream pipeline
17:47 21-03-2018
Honka to build a cottage village near Istra Reservoir in Russia
17:06 21-03-2018
Moscow tenders 80 facilities for small businesses on easy terms
16:35 21-03-2018
In which countries it is easy for foreigners to get a mortgage
15:57 21-03-2018
Unique E-sports Arena to open in center of Moscow
20:32 20-03-2018
Russian Becar Group to build $30m commercial apartment complex in Dubai
19:38 20-03-2018
Gazprom and Italians talk about southern gas route
18:54 20-03-2018
Chinese may be expelled from Lipetsk SEZ in Russia
18:22 20-03-2018
Japanese Okura comes up with a concept for Hyatt hotel in Russia
17:52 20-03-2018
Why Morgan Stanley sells the most visited mall in Eastern Europe
23:27 19-03-2018
American Panda Express sets up a new fast food chain in Russia
22:34 19-03-2018
NATO is moving to a new “cutting-edge” building
21:15 19-03-2018
Russian entrepreneur opens Uzbek restaurant in London
20:37 19-03-2018
Revival of real estate market in Portugal transforms its cities
20:18 19-03-2018
200 social facilities worth $956m to be built in Russian Far East
19:50 19-03-2018
Russian government approves soft loans for purchase of wooden houses
19:35 19-03-2018
Chinese investment in foreign real estate reached its high in 2017
19:13 19-03-2018
French Engie revealed its spendings on Nord Stream 2
18:54 19-03-2018
Saudi company and RDIF buy into a tram project in St. Petersburg
18:01 19-03-2018
British developer Hammerson refuses to deal with its French competitor
23:52 16-03-2018
Siemens supplies turbines to Gazprom for building TPS in Chechnya
23:09 16-03-2018
Why almost 100 Winn-Dixie stores are to be closed in USA
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Kerch bridge builders to construct spans on offshore piers

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Kerch bridge builders to construct spans on offshore piers

The assembly of spans between the offshore piers has been started on the section between the island of Tusla and the Kerch-Enikalsky Channel in the Kerch Strait.

As the “Krymsky Most” (Crimean Bridge) press-centre has told Construction.RU today, the length of the offshore spans totals more than 6 km. The construction of the offshore spans is being fulfilled by incremental launching.

More than 2 km long metal structures weighing more than 18,000tons are moved from the island to the channel. The structures are assembled on a special surface stalls.

Then powerful jacks move them carefully towards the water area along the rails, then the next structure is prepared on the workbench.

According to Vladislav Safin, deputy head of the “Taman” Road Management Department, the procedure is fulfilled with the help of weight-lifting, hydraulic and welding equipment. The assembled spans move towards the water with the speed of 15-25 cm a minute.   In the process of movement it is supported with auxiliary structures.


At the same time constructors go on erecting new offshore piers. There are 4 offshore sections with the total length of more than 6 km. 50,000 tons of metal structures will be installed there.


About 4,000 people work at the construction site of the Kerch Bridge.

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