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16:56 23-06-2017
Cabinet of Ministers allotted land plot for construction runway-3 in Sheremetievo
16:31 23-06-2017
KamAZ to invest €50 m to production in Senegal
14:46 23-06-2017
Lukoil won a tender on supply of 2,700 tons of oil to Severstal enterprises
14:17 23-06-2017
President Putin to control pipeline mating at the Turkish Stream construction
13:37 23-06-2017
Reconstruction of Moscow conservatoire to be completed
13:26 23-06-2017
Thrill rides to be built in Moscow Luzhniki
12:54 23-06-2017
Unique green roofing to be built in Moscow during renovation
12:32 23-06-2017
The Chinese participating in Moscow Metro construction
11:16 23-06-2017
Grand fraud discovered at a business centre construction site in Krasnoyarsk
18:02 22-06-2017
Rostec to restore enterprise producing acoustic equipment
17:50 22-06-2017
Seven plants to open in Dubna special economic zone
17:35 22-06-2017
Putin heads for Anapa to control Turkish Stream pipeline link-up
17:12 22-06-2017
Heineken sells its brew-house in Belarus
16:53 22-06-2017
Tesla signs preliminary agreement on plant building in China
16:35 22-06-2017
Industrial warehouse in northern Moscow put on auction for $751,000
16:02 22-06-2017
China suggests project for Changchun – Vladivostok high-speed railway
15:33 22-06-2017
Europe’s gas demand exceeds Nord Stream 2 capacity, Wintershall says
14:56 22-06-2017
Poland to demolish 500 monuments to Soviet soldiers
14:33 22-06-2017
President Putin orders to close notorious landfill in Balashikha
12:22 22-06-2017
Gazprom estimates Turkish Stream project at $6 billion
11:56 22-06-2017
Japanese NEDO to implement renewable energy project in Yakutia
11:45 22-06-2017
Russian Railway gets $157 million for development of Moscow railroad
11:14 22-06-2017
Huge Lenta hypermarket to be erected in Naberezhnye Chelny
10:58 22-06-2017
Australian sheep farm to be built in Russia for $334 million
09:45 22-06-2017
European operators start extension of gas pipelines for Nord Stream 2
17:57 21-06-2017
Israel's largest Gottesman oceanarium to open in July
17:42 21-06-2017
Egypt’s court suspends transfer of islands to Saudi Arabia
17:21 21-06-2017
Russia to supply three Be-200 amphibious aircrafts to Argentina
16:54 21-06-2017
Rolls-Royce to supply engines for Russian-Chinese wide-body aircraft
16:38 21-06-2017
Wintershall likely to collaborate with Gazprom in Iran
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Break-stone production: disturbing statistics of the first half-year

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Break-stone production: disturbing statistics of the first half-year

Following the construction industry, the market of one of the principal construction materials, break-stone, has significantly gone into the doldrums. Its production decreased by 15.4%

The break-stone and gravel market, the most important basic market of construction materials, has shown negative dynamics this year. Its production in the first half-year decreased as compared with the same period of last year, and totaled 88.2 million m3...

Disturbing statistics
According to the data of the Non-commercial association of producers and consumers of natural construction materials “Nedra” (subsoil riches), the largest decrease of production (by 23.9%) occurred in the North-Western federal district. In the Southern federal district this index was only 3.2%.


Table 1 Production volumes

There was insignificant volume increase during this period in 17 of 73 regions, and the only reason was that there are working aggregate processing plants in those. They are the Novgorod region, Saint-Petersburg, the Republic of Altai, the Republic of Yakutiya (Sakha), etc.


Table 2 Production structure in the regions

Import falls, exporting is on its last legs
Another index depicting the industry's condition is the volume of shipments of this construction material. Large and average-size enterprises decreased it by 20%. And the railroad transported 21% less break-stone and gravel.
The import of break-stone to Russia also decreased significantly. The main importer of the product, Ukraine, delivered only 4.3 m m3 (to compare: last year it was 21.6 m m3).
Even worse are the export figures. Russian plants managed to sell only 146,000 m3 abroad, which is only 0.2% of the whole production volume.


Table 3 Import volumes

How much gravel lacks demand?
The domestic gravel and break-stone consumption decreased by more than 18% and equaled 89.3 million m3.

At the same time due to the absence of demand large and average producers’ stores have increased by 4 million m3 and achieved 45 million m3 by now. The average price for break-stone increased by 4.3% and is 438 rubles for 1m3. Gravel became more expensive by 18.2% and costs 447 rubles for 1 m3.


Table 4 Average break-stone prices by producers

Table 5 Average gravel prices by producers

From a quarry
Of course the statistics data in this or that way show the situation on the market. However it is always useful to get the information up close, from a producer.
“Certainly, break-stone production depends on the season, but this year it was not the season that influenced the production volumes,” said Alexei Yudin, the Director General of a mining company, in the interview with our magazine. “The country’s economy is in hard condition, and the sphere of construction was the first to suffer. The producers of construction materials followed.”

Concrete instead of break-stone
To stay afloat, Mr. Yudin’s company started producing concrete, luckily they have all necessary materials at hand. The start of two concrete producing plants allowed the enterprise to take breath for a bit.
“Strange as it may seem, but there is demand for concrete,” the director general does not conceal his joy. “The material is bought by private customers and construction companies. I think we’ll overcome the crisis. Besides, we managed to keep the work collective.”

It is difficult to make prognoses
According to experts’ assessments, the situation on the market of concrete aggregates changes every month, that is why nobody dares to make the prognosis for the industry on the whole. Still, producers hope for some better determined figures by the end of the year.


Tables source
CJSC "GS-Expert"; www.gs-expert.ru;

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